216. YEP! Competition Entries #6

This is the sixth episode of this mini-series entitled “Your English Podcast” or “YEP” for short, and in this episode I am going to showcase more recordings sent to me by listeners as part of a big competition. I’ve launched to celebrate the 5th birthday and 200 episodes of LEP. All the details of this competition are in episode 200 so you might like to listen to that one first if you haven’t already. Also, before I play you this set of competition entries I’m going to give you some information, rules and guidelines about the voting process. Click here to read those rules and guidelines.

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Small Donate ButtonIn episode 6 you’ll hear recordings from these LEPSTERS:
Magda from Poland
Mario from Italy
Max from Italy
Morela from Italy
Nacho from Spain
Nikolai from Russia
Oleksander from Ukraine, living in Denmark
Olga from Russia
Pavel from Russia
Pedro from Peru

Voting in the competition is now closed.

109 thoughts on “216. YEP! Competition Entries #6

  1. Pedro Barreto Gamboa

    My vote goes to Max from Italy. He was entertaining, original and absolutely hilarious and totally deserves to win this. Brilliant!! Also congratulations everyone, you all did a very good job. =)

    By the way, Luke, about the background music I chose; yes, I decided to include some music, and I thought some music by the Beatles would be great as it’s one of my favorite bands and also it’s very much part of the English culture. And because I also wanted something to give it that Peruvian touch, I decided Instrumental Beatles’ songs would be a nice choice.

    Instrumental covers performed by South American musicians using a wide range of ancient Andean and modern Western musical instruments in various different combinations are very much part of our musical identity. Tourists coming to S. America are often entertained by street musicians or people performing this music in special venues. The instruments of choice: quena (a kind of flute), zampoña (panflute) and a number of other pipe instruments accompanied by charango (a kind of very small and high pitched guitar), classic guitar, and drums of different sizes.

    I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank all those kind people who have voted for me. Thank you very much, guys.

    By the way, I’m a bit sad that I’ve been totally outclassed by the creativity and charm of my fellow participants, I should have chosen a more entertaining topic… But… although I don’t really look like winning, I’ll try and boost my chances by promising the following if I win (yeah, like a politician, it’s my final desperate move.)

    I’ll try and convince Luke to talk a bit more in detail about how he feels about his learning French and language learning from the perspective of the learner.

    I’ll challenge Luke to a Grammar duel! I know it’s a very bold move but it’d be fun and I’m sure we, the listeners, would certainly benefit from it.

    I’ll definitely persuade Luke to talk about music, not only from English speaking countries, but from around the world.

    With your vote, we can win this together…

    That was ridiculous hahaha

    Anyway, hugs or handshakes and a friendly smile to everyone.

    Bye bye bye

    1. Max

      Thanks Pedro for voting me. I honestly think your podcast and your English are very good!!! The idea of Beatles and pan flute was amazing. This is a game and what really counts at the end of the day is that we took another great opportunity to enjoy ourselves while we improve our English. Bye Bye Bye… :-)

      1. Pedro Barreto Gamboa

        Thank you for those kind words, man. That cheers me up. And yes you’re right. But part of what I said there was a half joke to be honest. It was really cool to listen to all of you guys. It would be great if we had some sort of chat channel of some kind somewhere.
        Good luck! Bye bye bye!

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