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Hi listeners!

I’m still seriously busy at the moment and I haven’t had time to record and upload episodes of LEP, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I hope you’re still managing to be patient during this period and I promise that new episodes will arrive soon.

In the meantime, check this out:

Last week I was interviewed for half an hour by Craig Wealand, an English teacher and podcaster based in Spain. His website is called La Mansión del Inglés. It’s mainly for Spanish learners of English. They feature interviews with interesting people, and Craig considered me to be sufficiently interesting to be interviewed. You can listen to the interview below.
Click here to listen to Luke’s interview on You can also find a vocabulary list and short quiz.

[Right click here to download the audio]
I hope you like the interview, and that it helps you wait for the next full episode of LEP – coming soon!

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  • This podcast is really great podcast. I have just listened to 2 episodes. There is only one drawback in my humble opinion. It is a bit sad that it is so much directed at Spanish speakers when this could easily reach out to a greater audience with a lot of success. When I listen to an episode I get a feeling that it is not intended for me as a non-Spanish speaker. I feel slightly left out.

    • Thanks for the comment Zdenek. I guess Craig has chosen to focus specifically on the Spanish audience in order to get a deep and broad following there. Making podcast episodes that appeal specifically to one country is not such a bad idea. It can allow you to reach one audience more deeply. Imagine how the Spanish audience feels – I expect they can really relate to what Craig says, he can focus on specific language problems they experience and his podcast could get spread more easily by word of mouth in Spain or Spanish speaking countries. It’s not a bad approach I reckon, although ultimately the global audience is bigger. Spain’s definitely a big market for online English teaching at the moment though. The financial situation means that people are looking for alternatives to expensive and time-consuming language courses.
      What about you? Do you have many listeners in Czech Republic? Where are most of your listeners from I wonder?

  • Elisa

    …. and definitely worth of listening to all of the podcasts on the website.

  • Anonymous

    random… ehm… random…(don’t say bollocks, don’t say bollocks, I’m on another podcast here)… RAMBLING! That is the word I was looking for, rambling =)

  • Great to hear you again! Nice interview..

    Superheroes… Superman is great – not like batman which is custom is being the superhero, superman custom is to be a normal guy.
    Anyhow, I’ve some anecdote about Superhero. My 7th years old son has understand the logic of Superheros names – the power & adding man in the end… like: Spiderman, Ironman, Batman etc.
    So he had asked me how to say this and that in English, and then added the man to the end and bobs is your uncle, you have a new superhero… so after we were made up few Superheros – he asked me how to say fire in English – in order to made up a superhero which his special power is fire… and he came up with new superhero – a fireman…
    Well to be honest, in a way, they are indeed kind of Superheros…

    • Haha, brilliant.
      You could add postman and binman to the list.

    • Amber

      And pizzaman too.

      • He was a DJ in the 90s

      • Amber

        :-) I meant superhero who delivers lunch/supper, not that DJ. :-)

      • Amber – good to hear from you too…

        BTW, my son also came with snowman, which is a bit funny, but it pretty good, since there is an Iceman.

        But postman, pizzaman – seriously?
        What kind of superpower they have?

        Does the postman send you a junk mail until you surrender? Somehow, always when I think on a postman, I have in mind the character of Newman (from the Seinfeld show) – which by the name and by the character could some kind of superhero in a parody movie.

        And Pizzaman – it must be that his superpower is to keep feeding you with a delicious Pizza, so you cannot stop to eat it, until you feel like you don’t have energy to move anymore….

      • Hello… Newman

      • Amber

        Hey Yaron :-)
        Yes, kids can be hilarious with their answers.
        I guess the only way to beat snowman (frosty) is to win him in a snowball fight and take away his nose, carrot, which then leaves him powerless.
        There’s also a Weatherman, a cheeky “prophet” who forecasts rain, but the sun shines all day. Then some people walk around carrying their brollies and feeling like an idiots because they fell for The Weatherman’s advice. (Silly, but true)
        About the deliverer, he’s more likely to be a positive bloke who’s very helpful; brings us pizza to the offices at work, so we don’t have to go outside and waste our lunch break time. So, this one is on our side.
        Who else do we have? Any women superheros?

        I listened to this episode. Not bad. I expect even more people to join in now. :-)
        Have a great weekend, guys!

    • How about Bicycle Repair Man?

  • oliveirapaulo

    That’s amazing Luke! I’ve really enjoyed the interview and this is just product of your hardwork:

    – Teacher, Musician, Stand-up comedian, Podcaster, Rapper, Youtube videographer, blogger and webmaster! Wow…



    Note: I know that I promised to send you an email asking for the dates of your stand-ups… My wife and I are planning yet our 75-day trip (by car) across Europe (including Paris, of course) and as soon as we finish it, I’ll request the dates of your shows! Do you wanna join us in our trip? =D

  • So glad to hear your charming voice again ! You inspire me all the time with your deep thoughts and great intelligence . You always sacrifice a lot for your English listeners even when you are sick or busy . No need to say , you are more than an English teacher to us ! You will be remembered and loved for ever and ever !

  • stephen

    Thank you Luke.
    I guess I am a ‘Lukaholic’,
    looking forward to the new coming episode from you! :)

    • stephen

      Ah it should be ‘lepaholic’ instead of ‘lukaholic’. :)