From the Archives: Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night / 5th November

e96ecafecff22619a6877c6b7980142fHello listeners!

Today is 5th November, which is quite a significant date in UK culture because it’s Guy Fawkes Night!

“What’s Guy Fawkes Night, Luke?” you might (not) be shouting into your screen at this moment.

“Pray tell us Luke, what is the significance of this date in the UK calendar? This sounds absolutely fascinating! Why not record a podcast episode all about it!?”

Lovely idea – but I’ve already done it! I recorded an episode all about Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night exactly 7 years ago today. So in this post I thought I’d share this old episode from the archives. Some of you might have heard it before but I expect there are plenty of you who haven’t. So, because I don’t have a new episode to upload at this moment (I’ve had my hands full recently with work, zombies, ghosts and stuff) I thought I’d suggest that you listen to this one.

So, check it out below! It *might* be interesting for you to hear what LEP was like in 2009 when I recorded this on a crappy old laptop while sitting on my sofa in my old flat in old London.

Experience the horror of the terrifyingly bad sound quality of LEP in 2009!
Behold the chilling sounds of my laptop humming and whirring in the background!
Run screaming from the slightly dull way I used to speak on the podcast 7 years ago! (Or maybe not – do I sound any different?)

Here’s a selection of what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • Stuff about the origins of Halloween – is it just a load of commercial crap, or is it a scary ancient celtic festival? Or both?
  • Some history of Guy Fawkes Night in the UK
  • Creepy stuff about spirits of the dead
  • A terrorist plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament
  • Regicide and mass homicide!
  • Gunpowder, treason & plot!
  • Guts, blood and gore!
    & more

Listen to the episode below and follow the link for the original page for episode 54.

New episodes of LEP coming soon…

Take care,

From the Archives: Episode 52 (5 November 2009)


Original page link:

54. Halloween / Guy Fawkes Night

3 thoughts on “From the Archives: Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night / 5th November

  1. ptholome / Antonio

    I don’t think they are stupid but egoistic people. And not only Uk people voting the Brexit or the USA people voting for Trump, the word is full of people, us, who can vote in this way or not following our economic situation or our politics ideas or even if we are manipulated by the medias we read or the people we follow…
    As Human being we have show the word how good we can be and how evil we can be too. How intelligent and how stupid, how helpful we are and how egoist we can be… So this is not new…

  2. SergeyA

    Fuck! It seems that Mr. Trump is gonna win the election, so people of UK will officially stop being the stupidest creatures on Earth. Congrats Luke!

  3. Mollie Tai

    LEP is where English is . It’s all in the eyes and ears of listeners . Path to become fluent and successful . It is another form of learning . It can spring eternal , no matter when you begin . We wish nothing but the best for you .


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