[Website Only] Star Wars DVD Commentary (with James) ***Contains swearing – Not suitable for Children***

Star Wars: DVD Commentary

Only available on the website, here is a Star Wars DVD commentary by James and me.

If you’re not a Star Wars fan, this might not be for you.

Warning: Contains swearing – Not suitable for children!

This episode is full of rambling, comedy sketches, impressions and descriptions of what happens in Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope, the original Star Wars film.

Get yourself a copy of the Special Edition version, on DVD or on iTunes and get ready to watch it with us. It’ll be just like you’re sitting there with us, watching this classic movie.

If you’re not watching Star Wars while listening, perhaps we can just keep you entertained for the next two hours!

Unfortunately, this episode is not available for download, but you can listen to it on the Mixcloud app, or at the top of this page. :)