671. Aussie English with Pete Smissen

A conversation with genuine Aussie Pete Smissen, about differences and similarities between the UK and Australia, cultural and historical details, language similarities, and more. Check YouTube for the video version.

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Video Version

Transcript for the Introduction and Ending

Hello and welcome to the podcast. This is episode 671 and it is a free roaming conversation with Pete Smissen from Aussie English.

Aussie English is a podcast and YouTube channel about learning Australian English and recently Pete and I did a podcast crossover YouTube thing where he interviewed me about my stuff and then I did this interview with him for my podcast, which is what you’re going to listen to now.

This is also available as a YouTube video on my YouTube channel. So check it out there too. You’ll find the link in the show notes. You could try turning on the automatic subtitles if you are watching on YouTube.

So this is quite a free ranging conversation in which I talk to Pete about all things British and Australian including

  • Swearing
  • Teaching swearing to learners of English
  • Swearing in a second language
  • Accents and diversity of accents
  • Accents in Australia and the UK
  • Football Hooliganism in the UK and Australia
  • Removing statues of slave traders
  • COVID-19 in Australia
  • Politics in the UK and Australia
  • Bushfires in Australia
  • Our ancestry
  • What Australia thinks of the UK and USA
  • The Queen on Australian money
  • Australian English vs British English vs American English
  • Class in the UK vs class in Australia
  • Plus a few Aussie and British cliches.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoy the conversation. For more information, visit my website where you can also sign up for my premium service.

Also, check out Pete’s channel Aussie English to see the interview he did with me, which covered lots of stuff about swearing, particularly the C word, and then some stuff about how I got started in podcasting and comedy.

But now you can enjoy listening to a bit of British English and some Aussie English.


Thanks again to Pete from Aussie English there. Check the page on my website for this episode to check out links to his stuff and don’t forget to check out his YouTube channel to see his interview with me that we did on the same day.

So, to everyone on YouTube and on the podcast it’s just time for me to say, good bye!

Pete’s video interview with me for Aussie English 

Check out the audio version and Aussie English here https://aussieenglish.com.au/ae-697-interview-british-english-comedy-the-c-bomb-with-luke-thompson/