51. Luke Answers Your Emails and Questions

It’s back! The return of Luke’s English Podcast. Responses to the comments and questions I have received over the last few months. I haven’t done a podcast for quite a long time, so here it is!

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Luke’s English Podcast is a free service for people learning English as a second language. Use this podcast to develop your listening skills, your awareness of pronunciation patterns, your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and your cultural understanding too. Each podcast is fairly long, usually more than 30 minutes. There is a lot of content in this podcast. You can use it to develop your English by doing ‘long term listening’ which means you listen for something for a longer period (not just the 5 minutes of listening you do in class), and you listen to it regularly and sometimes more than once. This allows you to ‘get to know’ the podcast, the sound of my voice and the way I teach. You can listen to it anywhere. After a while you will start to pick up lots of things I say, and possibly start speaking like me.

In this podcast I just respond to messages I have been sent recently. If you have sent me a message I might reply to it personally on this podcast episode. I answer some questions too, so it is a good chance to understand some tricky things in English and get some advice.