72. The Cheese Episode

Why is it called The Cheese Episode? Listen to the whole thing to find out.

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In this episode I set myself another challenge. Here are the rules and conditions of the challenge:

1. I have to speak for at least 30 minutes.
2. I’m not allowed to stop speaking or stop the recording UNLESS I get a phone call.
3. If I get a phone call I can pause the recording and continue later, or whenever I want.
4. While speaking I’m not allowed to leave any long pauses in which I don’t say anything. If I pause for a long time I fail and I have to stop there.
5. I have to try to make sense, and keep it interesting (difficult!)
6. I can’t just talk about mundane/trivial stuff. I have to talk about more profound things too and make some points if possible.
7. I can talk about mundane things but only if I then talk about something profound afterwards.
8. If I talk about a profound subject then I am allowed to talk about something mundane and trivial for a bit (but then I have to talk about something profound again.)
9. I have to try to conclude the episode by making a point at the end.

I decided to call it the cheese episode. Listen to find out why.

I think I might have failed this challenge because I paused a couple of times and because my final point was a bit vague. Did I fail? Add a comment below to let me know.

Any questions? Add them to the comments section below. Feel free to add comments to the comments box on the right (a bit further down) too.

I speak pretty quickly in this episode, but this is how I normally talk to my friends! I’m trying to keep it natural and authentic (as much as that is possible when speaking into a microphone on your own.)

What should you do when you listen to this?
– Just try to follow what I am saying
-Try to notice chunks/blocks of language
– If you like you can try to write a transcript of the episode (or some parts of the episode)
– If you write a transcript, please send it to me. It would be really useful to other listeners to read.

Click here to see a transcript for this episode on a google document.

Let me know what you think.