Hi everyone,

I have been nominated for an award for “Best Blog” in the Macmillan “I Love English Awards”.

I really want to win this competition. It would be really good for Luke’s English Podcast and I think that I deserve it after putting in a lot of effort over the past 3 years.

The prize for winning is a Macmillan dictionary and the respect of winning a Macmillan award. If I win I will give the dictionary to one of my listeners (I’ll create my own competition).

So, I NEED YOUR VOTES! Please click the link below and vote for Luke’s English Podcast. It’s really easy and there’s no registration needed. PLEASE VOTE!!! I need 1000 votes to win, so please ask your friends and family to vote too. It’s only 1 vote per IP address. We must win this award for Luke’s English Podcast!

Here’s the link: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Thanks for your vote ;)