101. A Note from Luke

This post was written in May 2012, and the audio was recorded later, in 2014.

I’m sick with a sore throat and a temperature today so I can’t record a podcast, but I wanted to communicate with you my listeners, followers, fans, subscribers, students, friends, whatever you want to call yourselves. So in this message I’d just like to say a few things, and I’m going to do that now:

Voting in the competition is now closed. Thanks so much for your votes. I’m now planning to announce the winner. I think the best way to do that is to announce it in a podcast episode. As I said, I’m ill at this moment, so I can’t do that now but I will asap. Actually, you can find out the winner by just counting the votes from the comments sections on the 3 competition entry episodes. Votes added in the comments box on the side of this website have not been counted. Sorry :( but those were the rules.
I am REALLY PLEASED with the competition, because I think the competition entries from listeners were AWESOME and LOVELY, and because lots of people voted and got involved. It’s touching to hear responses from people in other countries.
Hello to Priyank from India – I said I would say hello to you in a podcast, and I will do it with my voice rather than in text like this. You can look forward to it mate! Also hi to Hacer from Turkey and my classroom in London recently. I’ll say “hi” to you too and we’ll see if I can pronounce your name correctly (fingers crossed).
I hate sitting at home feeling sick because I feel there are so many things to do, but I should rest today because you’ve got to look after your health. That’s what my Mum says anyway.
I am stupidly busy these days, which is why I haven’t uploaded for a few days. In an ideal world I would regularly upload lots of podcasts and other things for you to enjoy and learn from, and as a result I would become even happier and proud and the world would be a slightly better place. Please listen to episodes again and again, you will find that to be more and more useful for you. You’ll notice things you didn’t notice before. Repeat listening will help you pick up more vocabulary. You might find something funny the 2nd time that you thought was just normal the 1st time. Of course, you might find it annoying and less funny but there’s not much I can do about that, is there?
Sorry, I haven’t asked how you are. How are you? Are you well? That’s good, I’m glad to hear it. Look after yourself won’t you. Take care and keep in touch. Keep listening to the podcast. Are you on Facebook? Why don’t you ‘like’ my Facebook page? Just go to FB and search for Luke’s English Podcast. I post videos and other stuff there sometimes. If you ‘like’ the page, you’ll see those things in your timeline, and that’ll be cool. I’m on Twitter too (@englishpodcast) and I add a few comments and links there from time to time too.
I think I might get a new mobile phone, like maybe a Samsung or something but I’m not sure I can afford it. Also, I’m quite sceptical about buying these gadgets. i heard somewhere that Samsung also make really nasty weapons which get used in wars. It kind of made me think twice about getting one of their products, but that Galaxy S2 looks really good… Decisions decisions… Perhaps I’ll stick with the Blackberry for a while.
The weather in London is really crap at the moment. It’s just grey and wet. It’s a bit depressing to be honest but I’m sure it’ll improve soon and we’ll have some great days of sunshine. I admit, I talk about the weather a bit too much, but if you lived here in the UK you’d know why.
The Olympics are due to start here in London in the summer, and the Queen is celebrating her 60 year jubilee. This means that the whole city seems to be preparing for some massively patriotic celebration of being British. On one hand that’s great and really exciting to be part of, but on the other hand it could make London busy and crowded and sometimes it feels like the whole thing will just cost a huge amount of money. Isn’t there a massive financial crisis going on? Shouldn’t we be saving money?
Banksy has done a new piece of graffiti on a wall in North East London. It’s been in the news. It looks like a comment on the patriotic celebration and pageantry of the Jubilee and Olympics. While we celebrate and spend loads of money, kids in sweatshops on the other side of the world are making the bunting and flags we use to celebrate. It makes you think twice about everything. You can see a picture of it http://londonist.com/2012/05/new-banksy-with-bunting-in-wood-green-high-road.php
I recently saw a great bit of stand up by the London based stand-up comedian Mickey Flanagan. Have a look at this video. It’s hilarious. I wonder if you understand everything, or find it funny. I would explain it all here but it would take ages and ages. Try watching the video anyway, it should give you a good laugh if you give it a chance. You can see the video below this text…
That’s it for now. Again, I’m really GLAD that the competition went well. I will announce the winner in a podcast as soon as I can. Please be patient! Remember I do this podcast on my own while also juggling a full-time job, a stand-up comedy ‘career’, 2 bands, a lot of laundry and washing, my health and well-being and last but definitely not least the attention of my lovely girlfriend. It means I don’t always have time to do podcast episodes quickly. I’m not the BBC, not yet anyway ;)
Luke x

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