112. Vocabulary Review – Episodes 1-11

Refresh your vocabulary from the first eleven episodes of Luke’s English Podcast.

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Everyone knows it’s vital to review vocabulary you have learned. If you don’t review it then you’re likely to forget it! So, in this episode I will help you to remember some of the expressions I taught you in the early days of Luke’s English Podcast.

Of course, we will be doing this in a natrual way by demonstrating the way these expressions can be used in a natural, authentic and unscripted conversation. All you have to do is notice the expressions, remember them and then try and pick them up yourself.

Here’s what’s going to happen in the episode.

First, I will read out a list of 56 expression from episodes 1-11 and give you brief definitions of them. You can see the list of those expressions and their definitions below. Yes, I am a kind, generous and generally wonderful human for doing that!

Second, you should listen to the conversation between Kate and me and try to either notice the expressions as they are used (listen for the grammar of the expression, how it is pronounced etc) or predict which expression is coming next. You can do this while looking at the expression list below, or by simply listening without the list.

Third, you should look at the list again and practise using the expressions yourself. Perhaps you can just say some sentences about yourself or people you know. You should speak them rather than write them. You could record yourself speaking them and listen back to the recordings to give yourself some perspective on your pronunciation.

All of these things are good ways to improve your English with this podcast. Of course, if you prefer you can just sit back and enjoy listening to the podcast. As ever, please add your comments below. You can say whatever you like. Why don’t you write a sentence about yourself using one of the expressions from this episode?

Thanks again for listening to Luke’s English Podcast.

Vocabulary Review
Here is the list of expressions from this episode:
1. “he’s let himself go” = he’s allowed himself to become less attractive
2. “to slur your words” = to pronounce words wrong due to alcohol (or possibly something else such as an illness)
3. “eccentric” = strange, unusual, slightly crazy
4. “I’m a bit sceptical” = I doubt that something is true
5. “it’s a piss take” = it’s a joke
6. “I’m leaning towards…” = I prefer one of two options
7. “I was scared stiff” = I was really scared
8. “It frightened the life out of me” = it really scared me
9. “I jumped / it made me jump” = it scared or suprised me so much that I jumped
10. “I was speechless” = I didn’t know what to say
11. “I was lost for words” = I didn’t know what to say
12. “I was chuffed (to bits)” = I was really pleased
13. “I was gutted” = I was really disappointed
14. “I was really down in the dumps” = I was depressed
15. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” = don’t judge something by appearances alone
16. “There’s more (to something) than meets the eye” = there is more than just what you see
17. “a laughing stock” = something that everyone laughs at (in a bad way)
18. “moral fibre” = inner moral strength
19. “to be as bold as brass” = to be over confident
20. “his bark is worse than his bite” = he’s less dangerous than he seems
21. ” a barrel of laughs” = a lot of fun
22. “to flirt with someone” = to behave like you think someone is attractive and that you want them to fancy you
23. “to fancy someone” = to think someone is attractive
24. “to chat someone up” = to talk to someone in order to make them like you or if you want to ask the person out on a date
25. “to go out with someone’ = to go on a date with someone, or to be in a relationship with someone
26. “to ask someone out” = to ask someone to go on a date with you
27. “to have chemistry” = to have a special feeling between two people (romantic sense)
28. “to fall for someone” = to fall in love with someone
29. “to drift apart” = to slowly change and become different over time
30. “to split up with someone” = to end a relationship with someone
31. “to dump someone” = to end a relationship with someone by rejecting them
32. “I’m into it” = I like it and I’m interested in it
33. “I’m keen on it” = I’m really interested in it
34. “I’m fond of it” = it’s special to me
35. “it appeals to me” = I like the sound of it / I like the idea of it
36. “it goes down well (with someone)” = other people like something you do
37. “it’s to my liking” = I like it (quite formal – like a sir!)
38. “I’m crazy about it” = I really like it a lot
39. “I’m mad about it” = I really like it a lot
40. “I’m attached to it” = I like it and I need it
41. “I’m addicted to it” = I can’t stop doing it
42. “I’ve grown to like it” = I didn’t use to like it but now I do
43. “I’ve got a soft spot for her” = I like her a bit more than I like other people, she’s special to me
44. “I can’t get enough of it” = I’m never bored of it and I want more and more
45. “to get round to doing something” = to finally find the time to do something
46. “to put something off” = to postpone something
47. “to be caught up in something” = to be distracted / to be made busy by something
48. “to give up on something” = to stop trying to do something / or stop believing in something
49. “to run out of something” = to have none left
50. “it takes up my time” = it uses my time
51. “to go off something” = to stop liking something
52. “to hold out for something” = to wait & be patient for something
53. “to hold on” = to wait
54. “to be pissed off” = to be angry or annoyed
55. “to bottle up your feelings” = to not express your feelings and keep them inside
56. “to cheer someone up” = to make someone feel happier