152. I’m leaving Podomatic… and moving to Audioboo.fm

In this episode I give you a news update about how Luke’s English Podcast is moving to a new host, www.audioboo.fm

You can find the relevant details below, and listen to the episode using the embedded player below.

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Why are you leaving Podomatic Luke?
There are a few reasons. One of them is that it’s too expensive for me to stay with podomatic. I can’t justify paying a fairly large amount of money every year to use Podomatic when I can find a better service for a lower price somewhere else. It’s been fantastic with Podomatic, but I don’t think they’re right for me any more. Last year I promised myself that I would move to a new host by November, and so I’m keeping to that promise.

Money is not the only reason. I also believe that www.audioboo.fm will be a better host for you as a listener to this service. It should work better, with fewer technical problems. It should be easy for you and me to embed audio players to other websites. It also gives you the chance to add voice comments to episodes of the podcast.

Where are you moving to?
All the episodes are now available here www.audioboo.fm/channel/lukesenglishpodcast
Audioboo is a British company, registered in the UK and with offices on Tower Bridge Road which is right in the heart of London. They specialise in audio hosing, providing audio sharing services for podcasters (like Stephen Fry), teachers (like me), and broadcasters (like the BBC). So I’ll be moving in with a community of like-minded people. In fact, you can use Audioboo to find plenty of other listening resources and great things to listen to as a way of keeping up-to-date with British English. Visit audioboo.fm and have a look around. You can sign up for a free account which will allow you to make comments and post your own voice messages if you want to.

What about teacherluke.podomatic.com? What about all the amazing episodes of the podcast which you’ve uploaded there?
They have all been moved over to audioboo, and they’re just sitting there waiting for you to listen to them. It could be a good opportunity to rediscover them. Go and have a look www.audioboo.fm/channel/lukesenglishpodcast
To download episodes from audioboo, just ‘right click’ the play button and you can ‘save file as’ or ‘download file’. If you want to download from an embedded player on WordPress, just click where it says ‘audioBoo’ and then you’ll visit the audioboo page for that episode. Then you right-click the play button, and download.
Podomatic will probably close my pro account soon, and I won’t be able to upload there, and you won’t be able to listen to episodes on podomatic. :( So it’s bye bye to teacherluke.podomatic.com.
I actually feel quite sad about this because I’ve been using that URL for years and I’ve grown quite attached to it. I’m never going to say “teacherluke.podomatic.com” ever again… (actually you might be quite glad about that)
Soon, I will post a link onto my podomatic page which says “I’ve moved!” and I’ll include a link to the new location. Hopefully, that will re-direct all the people who no-doubt will continue to visit the podomatic page. I expect my downloads/visits will drop as a result of this, but so be it. It was time to change, and I think it’s a step in the right direction.

What about teacherluke.wordpress.com?
That’s now THE main page for Luke’s English Podcast. That’s where I’ll post new episodes and stuff. You should go there and click Follow Blog By Email to be added to the mailing list. http://teacherluke.wordpress.com

What about iTunes? Will episodes still automatically download?
The iTunes service should not be disrupted at all. The plan is to connect iTunes to my new RSS feed where all the episodes are available. You’ll still be able to get new & old episodes from iTunes.

There may be a few technical faults as a result of the change-over. Sorry about that, but it shouldn’t last long.

So, everything’s cool?
Yes, everything’s cool. Go to teacherluke.wordpress.com for all your Luke’s English Podcast needs. I’ll still post new episodes and other stuff onto Facebook and Twitter as usual.

Tell us more about those cool audio comments you mentioned.
Okay then. This is cool because you’ll be able to record spoken responses to episodes of the podcast. It’s finally a way for you to directly interact with me and other listeners (LEPers?)
You can practise some speaking, talk to me and talk to other Luke’s English Podcast People (LEPPers?? really?)
How do you do it? Just find an episode of the podcast on www.audioboo.fm/channel/lukesenglishpodcast and scroll down to the comments section. You’ll need to sign up for audioboo, which is simple and free. Then you can click ‘Record a Comment’ and you can record something there (with your phone-mic if you’re on a smartphone or a microphone connected to the computer) or you can upload a file that you’ve prepared earlier. It’s really easy. You should go and check it out. Try leaving a comment under this episode.
Finally you, my LEPPers can speak to me and each other, directly online. HOW COOL IS THAT? (It’s quite cool)

What about old comments from podomatic?
I’ll add them as an archive under the relevant episode pages on WordPress.

What if I want to leave you a donation as encouragement for your hard work?
Go to http://teacherluke.wordpress.com and there’s a lovely donate button in the top-right corner of the page. Click that and you can use PayPal to send me something, if you fancy it.

That’s it! Thanks for listening, and I really hope you continue to enjoy the podcast and find it to be a great way to keep improving your English listening (and perhaps some speaking now as well).