212. YEP! Competition Entries #2

This is the second episode of a mini-series entitled “Your English Podcast” or “YEP” for short, and in this episode I am going to showcase recordings sent to me by listeners as part of a big competition. I’ve launched to celebrate the 5th birthday and 200 episodes of LEP. All the details of this competition are in episode 200 so you might like to listen to that one first if you haven’t already. Also, before I play you this set of competition entries I’m going to give you some information, rules and guidelines about the voting process. Click here to read those rules and guidelines.
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Small Donate ButtonIn Episode 2 you will hear entries from these LEPSTERS:
Charley from Sri Lanka
Chriss from Mexico
Daniel from Poland
Daniele from Italy
Dega from Mexico
Dharmendra from India
Dmitry from Russia
Edgar from Brazil
Edgar from Mexico
Elisa from Finland

Voting in the competition is now closed.

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