Can I have a quick word with you? (It’ll only take about 15 minutes)

Hi listeners – this is just a 15 minute episode. I just want to have a quick word with you. The thing is, I’m worried about a few things and I wanted to talk to you about them. Have a listen to this episode or read the notes below. Let me know what you think about what I’m saying in the comment section. Thanks! Luke :)

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OK, perhaps this episode should be called “Don’t worry, Luke!” Listen on and you’ll find out why.

Here’s a script (it’s not complete – I improvised a lot of this episode)

Hi, can I have a quick word?

“Can I have a quick word?” – that’s the sort of thing your boss might say to you when he wants to talk to you about something in private. “Luke, can I have a quick word? Step into my office. Close the door. Sit down.” etc…

Sometimes it feels serious or like bad news – it’s not, in this case.

I just wanted to tell you a few things.

I’ll be completely honest – I’m worried that in the next couple of weeks I’m going to upload too much content – and you won’t listen. I’m worried that I’ll upload too much stuff and because there will be so many episodes, you won’t listen to them. Like, it might be hard for you to keep up so you’ll get out of the habit of listening, you’ll fall behind and then you’ll give up and I’ll lose you forever. I don’t want that, do I?

Silly isn’t it? Maybe. I shouldn’t worry so much. I know you like the podcast. I get messages every day and the numbers are still going up all the time.

But I do worry that I’m going to post too many episodes, or they’ll be too long or the topics might not be that interesting for you. I suppose it means that I genuinely care about making my podcast good and popular, and I want it to be a success.

I’m saying this now because I’ve been very productive lately and I’ve got quite a few episodes to upload and I want to upload them quite quickly. Also, some of them are on quite specific topics and I’m slightly concerned they won’t be popular with everyone. Like if I upload too many episodes, too quickly and they’re long – you might look at them and think – ah, I can’t keep up! And then you won’t continue and I’ll kind of ‘lose’ you as a listener. I don’t want that of course.

But again, I shouldn’t worry, right? I should just chill out. You might be thinking “Just relax Luke – don’t worry. Upload all your content and we’ll listen to it when we have a chance. We appreciate all your work, we realise that you do this in your free time and you can’t upload episodes to a specific schedule – sometimes there are busy times, sometimes there are quiet times – no worries – just upload when you can, and anyway how could we complain about getting too many free episodes from you? You worry too much! Take it easy on yourself!”

OK, I will take it easy – thanks for saying that. I appreciate it.

Lots of new episodes are coming – be ready!

I’m probably going to upload about two episodes per week for a few weeks. I feel like I have lots of things to talk to you about and I’ve been very productive recently. Also, these episodes are quite topical – so I feel they need to go up soon. I don’t want to hold on to these episodes – I want them to be published as soon as possible.

Here are some of the episodes I’m planning to upload soon. All of these are subject to change of course – I might change my mind and do something completely different – so this is not a guarantee, more a general idea of what’s coming.

* A Skype call with a friend who knows everything about comic book characters. You’ll hear us talking about the characters with the aim of working out which one is the best.
* Another episode of Film Club with a review of the latest X-Men film. I enjoyed recording the review more than watching the film. A quick preview – I didn’t like it!
So, that’s two superhero episodes. I hope you don’t have superhero fatigue! That’s it for superhero stuff for a while I expect.
The UK’s referendum on the EU is coming soon and I’ll be covering the subject in several episodes, a bit like I did with the Scottish referendum a couple of years ago.
I’ve recorded a conversation with my Dad about the UK & the EU. That’ll be one podcast.
But the situation is so complicated and detailed that I feel I need to do a couple of episodes in order to explain the situation really clearly, with examples, vocabulary explanations and also my personal opinions. The EU referendum is such a big and important topic that I have to deal with it properly. That’s going to take more than just 1 episode.
So, expect a number of BREXIT episodes.
I recorded an episode with the PODPALS just the other day. In that one you’ll hear the results of the interactive lying game, and then we play another light-hearted speaking game. That was a lot of fun and so I’m rushing to get that one uploaded soon.

I also have loads of other episodes that I’ve been preparing or thinking about and that includes things that have been requested by listeners. I often get messages with episode requests. Often those requests are really excellent ideas and I have a few of those things in the pipeline. I can’t keep up with my own desire to record episodes. Quite honestly, if I could I would just spend all my time preparing, recording and uploading episodes of this podcast and everything else – but I can’t do that because a) I don’t have the time b) You wouldn’t have time to listen to all of that (I imagine).

So there you go! Lots of new stuff is coming.

Needless to say – I feel very lucky to have an amazing audience who listen to all of my output. I’m very glad if you enjoy these episodes and that they benefit your English a lot.

Take care!


  • Nice one! I’ll do some more stuff about jokes soon.

  • Reading all your comments has totally put my mind at rest. I’m lucky to have a brilliant and dedicated audience. Of course, it now seems ridiculous that I was worried about uploading too many episodes when that’s exactly what you want!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make the podcast/website as effective as possible (e.g. the importance of uploading episodes once a week, not too long, doing the right kind of social media marketing etc) and I got a bit carried away with the idea that everything had to be exactly perfect or it wouldn’t work. But I have nothing to worry about. I’ll just do it my way, like always.

    In fact, I now feel great and I’m looking forward to uploading more episodes and then developing my website with more (I hope) awesome content to help you learn English and have a good time, so let’s carry on!

  • Listner

    Are you kidding? Bring it on.

  • Yaron

    Don’t you worry. Bring it on.

  • Ana Ledesma

    Hello Luke! I´m a student, and really enjoy your podscats,I listen to them, all of them and I don´t choose it by the topic, I just listen, enjoy and learn, so please don´t be worried!!!!

  • Eileen

    Hi Luke,
    You don’t need to be worried about it, and we will manage our time to absorb all new episodes!

  • Eri Taguchi

    Hi Luke!!!
    I just thought that what are you worrying about???
    We all your listners won’t miss any episodes if some of them are not our categories.
    We just keep listening which you upload and learn from those episodes not only English but also something else which we might need to know to communicate with othres.
    It won’t be too much episodes for me if you upload a few in a week. We just can listen all of them when we have a time and for me, it is OK I am able to listen a hour and a half episode in one day when I go and go back to work. I usually listen a few times to get as many as I can understand what you said, but it is still OK. I can manage it.
    I am always looking forward to new episodes and if I get many of them and I can not listen them immediately, I still happy the fact that I got many episodes to listen.
    And…I can not wait ti listen PAL’s episode!!! I decided to call you guys as PAL whch sounds cozy to me!!!

  • Tiandong Jin

    Hi Luke,
    I’m from Shanghai, China. I’ve been following your podcasts for 2 years and i haven’t missed any of them. Thank you for all your great effort and dedication in producing these informative and entertaining podcasts.

    To be honest, you shouldn’t worried at all. 1 or 1 and a half hour long episode is totally fine for me, i wouldn’t think that is too long or boring especially the ones you gonna upload have topical subjects. From X-man apocalypse, Captain America, Brexit to PODPALS, actually i expect all of them being uploaded together at the same time. Even if i don’t have time to follow them at one time, for sure that my mind will set up the alarm clocks for them once i get a chance to listen. So no worries, Luke, bring them on.

    Here’s another inspiring and true story for your podcast. Couple of months ago, i recommended LEP to one of my friends who’s going to take a TOEIC exam. He felt absolutely no confidence about it at the beginning. But when I called him recently asking him about his exam, he said thanks to LEP, his listening comprehension has improved so much and he passed the exam. LEP has subconsciously improved our English. So don’t be modest, we LEPers will always follow and we have nerves of steel for your podcasts.

    Thank you

    • Well done to your friend, and I’m very glad if LEP was anything to do with that.

  • Chloé

    Hey! Don’t worry about this! We’re going to make it! And even if we don’t have time, we’ll catch up!
    So excited to hear the new podcasts!!!

  • EVAT

    Don’t worry Luke. It’s always a pleasure to receive a notification of a new Luke’s English podcast. I have to admit that sometimes I have to make a big effort to catch up on them…but it’ s worth doing. When I first started listening to you, about 4 years ago I couldn’t follow the whole epidode ..I had to listen it twice and very carefully.  Now your voice is so familiar to me that I can understand everything that you are saying.  I’m always so curious when I see that a new episode is posted that I can’t wait to listen it !! I’m so engaged on your podcast that I can’t stopped listing to them. Keep on doing !! We will find the moment to listen !! SO DON’T WORRY !!! All your podcasts are welcome