558. Rambling in the new Sky-Pod

Another solo episode recorded in the new sky-pod. Talking about moving to the new flat, some podcast news, meeting Louis CK, WW1 remembrance, rock climbing and more… Some vocab is explained during the episode.

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Notes and some transcriptions for this episode

Here’s another semi-prepared episode in which I’m not really teaching you anything specific (although bits of English might come up as usual) and I’m not talking about a particular topic or interviewing someone, I’m just rambling (and that’s rambling not rumbling) about some news and other things like that.

No episodes recently because no wifi

I know it’s possible to get access with a mobile connection, but I’ve used loads of my offer up already just since the internet was turned off, we downgraded my deal and all that. Normally I don’t use all my allowance, but this time I’ve been using it a lot to watch Netflix in the evening with my wife and stuff.

Why don’t you do more videos and put them on YouTube?

  • Complex and annoying process to set it up (although I admit it’s not that bad)
  • Can’t edit, or editing is difficult. I have to edit the audio, and then edit the video too. Video editing is a pain in the arse because the files are so large. Sometimes my computer can’t handle it. We’re talking about an hour of video.
  • Very long processing time and uploading time
  • Takes up masses of RAM. It just doesn’t work very well on my computer.
  • I don’t want to give away too much free stuff on YouTube. I’d rather make videos for my premium subscribers sometimes. So if I have a video idea, I’d rather make it part of my premium subscription.
  • The revenue generated from YouTube ads pales in comparison to what I could make by producing 6 sponsored episodes and a few premium episodes per month.
  • Admittedly, it might bring in some new listeners, and there are automatic subtitles, but I’m not sure it’s 100% worth it.
  • Audio is way way more convenient.
  • But I’m often thinking of doing videos. Realise though that my productivity would drop significantly. I’m not Casey Neisat or whatever his name is. I don’t want to get up at 5AM in the morning to start my working day. I need my sleep.

Casey Neistat (YouTube star) gets up between 4AM and 5AM every day. Nutter.

Welcome to the new sky-pod

Describe the space, describe the move.

A Phrasal Verb a Day is back

In the LEP App and at www.teacherluke.co.uk/pv

10 episodes in the app and then future episodes will be premium. Either I make this series premium and continue doing it, or I don’t continue doing it.

Meeting Louis CK

Amber’s Guardian article https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/nov/08/louis-ck-paris-female-comic

Louis CK’s original statement

WW1 Remembrance

Peace is something that we must protect. Millions of senseless deaths. It must have felt like the world had turned to hell. Living in a wasteland of mud, gas and hideous horror and death every single day.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Blueprint for Armageddon 1


My article on Our Paris Stories 


3 Years since the Paris attacks of November 2015

Attacks in Paris / Paul Taylor’s Eyewitness Account