642. The Lying Game Returns (with Amber & Paul)

This should make you laugh out loud on the bus – it’s the return of the Lying Game with Amber & Paul. Listen to our 3 stories. Do you think they are true, or lies?

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Hello folks, welcome back to the podcast. This is episode 642 and it is called The Lying Game Returns with Amber and Paul and in this one you can hear us playing this classic game on the podcast once again.

This is actually the seventh Lying Game episode that we’ve had. All the others are 308, 309, 317, 318, 343 & 436. Check them out if you haven’t already done so.

I won’t go into the rules of the game now, suffice to say that essentially this game is about telling stories, and we all know the importance and usefulness of listening to stories for learning languages.

So, this game is a way to draw a story out of someone using questions. Someone makes a statement (usually a thing they did in the past) and the others have to ask questions to get all the details (this is when the story starts to emerge) until they’re satisfied that the story is either true or a lie. It becomes pretty entertaining I think as we investigate each other’s stories with varying levels of scepticism.

I also use this the game in class a lot as a way to practise storytelling, using past tenses and question formation, and it’s just a lot of fun to imagine you are a detective like Columbo who always has one more question to ask.

So, you can think of these as little stories from Amber, Paul and me, but are they true or are they lies? Listen carefully as we go through this funny conversation that might have you laughing out loud on a bus somewhere in podcastland, but try to work out if we are lying or telling the truth. Focusing on that part of the game can help you to pay attention more, which helps you remember the language you’re hearing in the process.

Check the page for this episode on the website for all the links and stuff like that.

But now, let’s play The Lying Game again, with Amber & Paul…

Luke’s Story

I saw a famous French actor on the roof of my apartment.

True, or a lie?

Amber’s Story

I’ve decided to take part in the 2021 Paris Marathon.

True, or a lie?

Paul’s Story

My daughter was cured of her excessive crying by a drunk Scottish man.

True, or a lie?

Final Score: 2 / 2 / 2 Even stevens!

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