644. The Rick Thompson Report: Is Brexit Done?

Talking to my dad about the latest in the Brexit saga including the general election result, Brexit day on 31 January 2020 and the latest government shenanigans by PM Boris Johnson and co.

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Hello everyone this is an episode of The Rick Thompson Report on Luke’s English Podcast. This is where I talk to my dad about politics, especially Brexit and here is the latest update since the last episode in November.

Here’s a quick summary to help you keep up during the conversation. It’ll only take a minute or two. It’s important to understand the overall context when listening to this so you don’t get lost and you can also notice language more easily.

Since the last episode in November

The Tories won their election majority in December and pushed through Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement because all their MPs voted for it. Then the UK officially left the EU on 31 January this year (2020 – for any aliens listening to this – the year 2020 in earth years) but nothing really changed because we are now in the transition period in which everything stays the same for a year and the UK and the EU have to bash out a new agreement for things like trade and regulations and stuff – a process that usually takes years. So, did the Tories “Get Brexit Done” like they promised or is there a lot more of this story yet to come?

Also, what has this Conservative majority led by Boris Johnson been doing since coming to power? What about the removal of certain journalists from their lobby briefing, their wish to replace the judiciary, the resignation of chancellor Sajid Javid because 10 Downing Street asked him to fire his team of civil servants.

If none of this makes any sense to you then listen on because you’re going to hear a chat with my dad who has been following this story very carefully as you have heard in previous episodes of the Rick Thompson Report.

Basically, what is the government up to? Who is really pulling the strings of power at the moment and what are they seeking to do? How could Brexit actually be a power grab by a party intent on exerting more executive control on the democratic framework?

Listen on, to find out more…


So that was another episode of the Rick Thompson Report. How long will this Brexit saga go on? I don’t know. But thanks again to Dad for making another valuable contribution to the podcast again.

So it’s actually valentine’s day as I record this. I hope you have some nice plans, or maybe if you’re single you also have nice plans just doing something else. I have prepared a series of episodes with a valentine’s day theme but I have to publish the RT report as soon as I’ve recorded it because it is quite time-sensitive content. I mean, stuff that’s relevant to the moment, although the RT reports could also serve as a kind of historical document – a history of Brexit. But I can’t publish this series with the VD theme today so that will have to wait. So next week probably you’ll get the first in a series about British comedy and there’s a sort of Valentine’s Day theme running through it. I hope that gives you a little teaser there of what’s coming soon.

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THat’s it for this episode. Have a lovely weekend or week or end or whatever and I will speak to you next time but for now, bye!!