48. Useful Expressions for Travelling

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Luke’s English Podcast was recently nominated in the completely made-up Internet Academy Awards. The nominations are in these categories:
Best Original Website
Best Adapted Video on YouTube
Best Podcast with the words “Luke’s English Podcast” in the Title
Best recorded voice online
Most Informative Educational Video (Notting Hill Carnival)
Outstanding Contribution To The English Language
Vowel Sound of the Year
Achievement in Sound Effects (for English Robot 3000)

The ceremony will take place in a few weeks, so fingers crossed.

Here is the list of expressions which I use and explain in this podcast. It is all very useful for when you are travelling.
You’ll notice a lot of uses of Present Perfect Tense (have/has + past participle) in questions.
You’ll also notice the phrasal verbs – made of a verb + particle combination. They are very common, and there are lots in this podcast.

Here are the expressions:

Mind if I join you?
How’s it going?
Where in London?
I’m just up the road
No way!
How weird!
That’s right by my work
It’s a small world
How long have you been here?
I’ve been here about a week now
Are you staying long?
What about yourself?
We’re travelling through the whole area
Just travelling up through Vietnam
Where have you been so far?
I flew into Ho Chi Min City
I saw the sights
I flew up to Hanoi
I’ve got a mate up there
We had a laugh
Are you just travelling down the coast now?
Have you been to Hue?
No, we’re travelling south to north
I’m a bit templed out
They’re worth visiting
Beautiful views on the way
It’s pretty rank
Are you just going to stick around in Hanoi for a bit?
The plan is, just stick around here for a while
and then head down to Nha Trang
Chill out on the beach
I’m going to pass through Dalat
Do you know any good places to stay around here?
Just walk down this street
There’s an ATM on the corner
See you around!

That’s it.

Here’s a funny video by a pair of musician/comedians from New Zealand. This song is dedicated to English Robot 3000 and English Robot 4000. Which one should I choose to be my number 1 robot? Email me: luketeacher@hotmail.com


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  1. Daniel

    Hi Luke . I’m really enjoyed your podcast,It is very useful and entertainment.
    Can you say me how you put this video on the blog?? I’ll be very greatfull. Br Daniel

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