80. Essential Social English

Some of the most important phrases, responses and common expressions used in English every day. These are sets of phrases that always go together. Some people call them adjacency pairs.

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Social English

1. Hello:
How’s it going?
-fine thanks
-not bad
-pretty good
-could be worse
What are you up to? / What have you been up to? / What’s new?
-nothing really
-not much
-this and that
-same as normal/usual
-the same old thing really
–how about you?
How’re things? / How’s things?
-fine thanks
How are you getting on?
-fine thanks

2. Invitations:
Are you up to anything later?
-not much, no
(Do you) want to come to a party?
I’m going to a party if you’d like to come
Do you fancy coming to a party later?
-sounds good
-yeah, sure
-why not
-yeah alright
-I can’t make it
-I’m doing something

3. Goodbye:
See you later
See you in a bit
See ya
Take care
-you too
Catch up with you soon
Keep in touch
Say “hi” to John for me, will you?

4. Leaving:
I’m off
I’d better be off
I’ve got to go
I’m going to chip/trap/scoot
I’m going to make like a tree, and ‘leaf’/’leave’
I’m going to make like a banana, and ‘split’
Have a good evening
-you too
See you tomorrow
-see ya
Take care
-you too
Have a good weekend
-you too! bye!

5. Other things:
-that’s alright
-you’re welcome
-that’s okay
Could you open to the window for me please?
You couldn’t open the window for me by any chance, could you?
Have you got the time?
You don’t happen to have the time by any chance do you?
-yes, it’s 4.30
-yes, it’s just gone ten past
Would you like something to drink?
-yes please
-no thanks
-No, I’m fine thanks
-No, you’re alright
Can I help you (at all)?
-no I’m just looking thanks
Do you mind if I smoke?
-No, go ahead!
-Yes, I do mind actually. This is a no-smoking area.
Let’s get started shall we?
-yes, okay
-good idea
Can I just squeeze past?
exCUSE meE!
Cheers x3
Sorry I’m late
What did you say?
Sorry, what was that?
Bless you
Oh come ON!
I need the toilet
I think I’m going to throw up
Put the money in the bag!
Hands up
Follow that car
step on it!
Get down!
Get out of there!
It’s gonna blow!
It’s showtime!
We’ve got company!
I’ll be back
off you go
You’ve gotta be kidding me!
For Christ’s sake John!
Get out of here!
How YOU doin?
What’s the matter with you?
Gimme a break god damn it!

6. Good night:
Right, I’m off to bed
Right, I’m going to hit the sack
Good night
Sleep well
-you too
Sweet dreams
Mind the bed bugs don’t bite


That’s it. Now watch these funny videos of Hollywood cliches such as “IT’S SHOWTIME!” and “GET OUT OF THERE!”
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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W_szJ6M-kM&w=560&h=315]
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