Mini Podcast – Feeling Nervous

This is a mini-episode about feeling nervous. It contains lots of vocabulary, listed below.

Here is vocabulary I use in this podcast. All the vocabulary and expressions relate to the subject of feeling nervous.


I get butterflies in my stomach
I can’t relax
My palms get sweaty
I keep having to go to the toilet
I lose my appetite
I lose the ability to think straight
My mind starts going off in lots of different directions at the same time
My leg starts shaking and jumping up and down when I’m sitting
I become clumsy
I get distracted easily
My neck goes stiff
I keep sighing, huffing and puffing
I keep having to take deep breaths
I start speaking too fast
My mouth goes dry
I get stress headaches
I get flatulence, which is quite embarrassing
I start craving cigarettes
I bite my nails and pick my lips
I get songs stuck in my head
I lose confidence
I get an adrenaline rush
I feel really excited
It feels like time slows down
I start coming up with funny ideas
If it’s a good gig then I can feed off the energy of the audience and ad-lib or improvise
It feels l Ike a collaboration with the audience
But I lose my memory on stage
I forget my material, which forcesme to do stupid things and start clowning around on stage
Afterwards I feel elated and relieved
I get a kind of natural high
Everyone wants to be my friend and I can bask in the glorying a good gig
But then I realize that I will just have to do it all over again the next time…