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– Yesterday’s violent attack at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris
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  • Sergey

    Hi Luke,
    I totally with agree with the point of view made by a guy (a Muslim) 08.01.15. I’m an orthodox man but as a modern and civilized man I have to respect the holy things that islam people believe in. One of these things is images of Mohammed the messenger and prophet of Allah. Every educated person knows that images of Mohammed are strictly prohibited. You will never find those images even in the Arabien wold. By the way regarding the the Arabien world and Arabien people every educated European man must know that this world had given us lots of inventions in algebra, medicine, astronomy, sailing and so on while Europe was unaware of these things at all. And they also have some moral and social values in their life which European people don’t have at all (e.g. If you come into every Arab home, into every Arab family you can be sure that you’ll be fed and in safety). Going back to the horrible incident in Paris surely we have to admit that this is a terrible act committed by radical terrorists but not true Islamic people caused by the wrong behavior of the magazine Charlie Hebdo. By the way does every one know that this magazine once ( in the 1960s) was shut by the French government due to it’s cartoons on Charles de Gaulle? And now this incident has shown us the consequences of it’s uncontrollable and thoutless policy. And if you announce that you have the right of “freedom of speech” you must understand that some uncontrolled freedom of speech can insult someone’s believes deeply and you must be responsible for consequences of it.

    I’m not Charlie

    • In the heat of the moment, as the events were unfolding it was very easy to get carried away by the whole “I am Charlie” sentiment, but I do agree now that it is not simple.

      Charlie Hebdo were certainly very irresponsible to print those cartoons, and anyway I don’t even think they were particularly funny. They were pretty poor cartoons in fact. It’s true that the magazine was foolish, but there’s still no justification for murder.

      I agree that ‘freedom of speech’ is now being thrown around a lot as a justification for saying any offensive thing you like, but just because you have freedom of speech it doesn’t mean you should insult people.
      It’s like in America – just because they have the right to bear arms, it doesn’t mean they should. Unfortunatey, what began as a way to fight back against those who attempt to threaten and terrorise our values, has become a justification for insulting people.

      Ultimately, this is all rather depressing and saddening. I don’t really agree with the magazine, but I certainly will not make excuses for those extremists who shot some people.

      Also, you’re right to point out that the Arabic speaking world has given us many many things, but I don’t think that’s in question. This was the action of some nutters who don’t represent Islam or the Arabic speaking world as a whole.

      Anyway, thank you for your comments and your intelligent response. Open dialogue is a fine thing.

    • ptholome/Antonio

      Does that mean that you think they did well killing these people? An the police, unarmed, who went by his bicycle to see what was happening… Why they killed him?
      What consequences had him to pay?

      So, If I understand you the Tchetchenes terrorist attacks in Russia were OK because Russia had to be responsible about the consequences…

      I an country there are laws and you can not be the law by yourself.

      So, the muslims can kill anyone in the world if they do something that some muslim believe it deserve to die. Consequences…

      I understand better why in Russia some journalists are killed… certainly because the consequences they are responsible because the investigation about he corruption… Bad behaviour too? Dead. Well done!

  • FreshMan

    Hi Luke ! :)
    I’m glad hear you
    Could you tell me numbers of podcasts were you speak with Claudia, please ?

    • Hi, Claudia appears in episodes 16, 48 & 49. :)

      • FreshMan

        thanks and I wish you lots of luck !

  • one

    hello, they can’t stop free speaking or thinking at all. but don’t be naif, they have just started, their objective is to change and convert everyone on his crazy (you know). europe is in dangerous situation especially france. this gas live physically in the 21st century bat in their mind thy are always at the seventh. we have more than ten (10) centuries experience in you want to (you know what). I’ll not make my reel email or name I’m sorry it’s a long story. we are all CHARLIE

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but i am not Charlie!