250. Marooned With My Music: Gill Thompson

Welcome to Luke’s English Podcast and this special series, called Marooned With My Music. My castaway today is my Mum, Gill Thompson. [Download]

Small Donate ButtonBorn as part of the baby boom generation after World War 2, Gill grew up and lived in England during a time of great social change in the latter half of the 20th century. Gill has lived in various parts of the country during her life, including Yorkshire, the Midlands and London, and has had various jobs including time spent at the BBC, at a primary school, at a university, and now in a charity bookshop, but perhaps her most time-consuming and indeed energy-consuming responsibility has been to bring up two boys and manage a household of 3 men, her husband and her two sons. While doing all of that she also studied for a general arts degree with the Open University adding to her now quite considerable knowledge of history, art, literature and philosophy. She is a voracious reader, a fount of knowledge and wisdom, a loving wife and an amazing Mum, and I’m very glad to have her on the programme today.

Mum’s Choices
1. Always by Patsy Cline, written by Irving Berlin
2. I’ll String Along With You by Al Bowlly
3. Harvest Moon by Neil Young
4. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
5. Our House by Madness
6. Don’t Forget to Dance by The Kinks
7. Bach Double Violin Concerto – Played by Yehudi Menuhin And David Oistrakh
8. I’ll See You In My Dreams by Joe Brown

Book Choice: The Essays of Michel de Montaigne
Luxury Item: A king-size bed with an everlasting supply of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets

  • Catherine Bear

    Dear Ms Thompson,

    Thank you for sharing your story and your favourite peaces of music.

    It is a very dramatic scenario that Luke has thought of — being outcast and alone on a lonely island.

    Bach is a great choice! I always thought it is a hard piece, but as I am getting older, I also start to appreciate Bach more.

    That was exclusive, to have some insights into the history of the Thompsons’ family. Such a privilege. Thank you for sharing again and again!

    ps: Luke, could you please explain what that means “There was a guy with a very big head.” I got it literally and was trying to picture how it might look like. Like a Humpty Dumpty? :))


    • Hi Cat,
      I don’t remember saying that thing about the guy with the big head. Could you tell me when in the episode I said it?
      I’m glad you liked the episode, but again the concept isn’t entirely original. It’s based on a fantastic BBC radio show called Desert Island Discs. www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qnmr (You’ll like it I’m sure)

      • Catherine Bear

        It was actually your Mum who said it.

        Luke: What did you think of him [meaning his Dad] as you first met him? Was it love at first sight?

        Mum: (laughing) No. I thought that he was a very big headed and a bit full of himself…

        I thought of a young shiny Humpty-Dumpty kind of a guy, sitting on a chair, enjoying his newspaper. :)


      • Catherine Bear

        with the castaway show idea — didn’t know that, as I am absolutely unfamiliar with the British culture. So everything comes over very originally to me :))

      • “big-headed” means arrogant. Apparently my Dad was a bit ‘full of himself’ and arrogant when he was that age, or he appeared to be, until my Mum got to know him better.

      • Catherine Bear

        Oh, I see, thanks! Well, with his Oxford degree, he may be a bit big-headed. :)
        I have a great admiration for all who attended Ivy Leagues or Oxbridge. I think it is really tough there.

  • Mark

    It was an absolute pleasure to listen to your mom,

  • I enjoy a lot your podcasts, particularly this. Thank you Luke!!!, your work is lovely, in fact, you are lovely

  • Anonymous

    Lovely interview =)

  • Paul

    Nice guest, Luke! Good stuff you discussed, and above all, in an excellent English. I’m learning English and this is one I want to hear. Great family indeed and thank you for sharing!

  • Gill Thompson is a great role model for every woman to follow !
    She has lived through all the challenges and obstacles in her life !
    She has done tremendous work to raise her two sons with good results .She has achieved outstanding academic as well as educational goals .She has managed both her family and careers with wisdom and patience . She is everything that our society needs , and has all the qualities that a husband wants . THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US
    ON THIS SHOW !!!

  • Anonymous

    Your mum is lovely :)

  • Iza

    At long last! yippee! My F5 button became hot from pressing. Thanks a lot! I’m starting listenig…