22. Full Interview with Vicky from China

A conversation with Vicky from China about teaching English, using podcasts in the classroom, how to learn English, and more…

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Hello everyone. This podcast is the full interview that Vicky did with me a couple of weeks ago. We talk about teaching English, using podcasts in the classroom, the advantages and disadvantages of student podcasts, how to learn English, what a guinea pig is, and how to use an all-in-one remote controller!

There’s no transcript for this episode! But, if you listen to the last podcast in which Vicky gives some advice on learning English, you’ll know that sometimes it is better for your English to listen without a transcript.

My advice for this episode is:

  • Don’t try to understand every word you hear
  • Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything – you don’ t have to
  • Just try to understand the topic of the conversation and the basic things
  • Try to use your imagination and guess some of the things you don’t understand – fill in the gaps in your listening
  • Try to enjoy listening! It should be an interesting topic with information that’s useful for you
  • Listen to the conversation more than once – you’ll understand and remember more each time
  • Play the podcast when you are at home, doing the housework – just have it on in the background

Here are some pictures of things Vicky and I talked about: