141. The Annual General Meeting (Part 1)

You are formally invited to attend The LEP AGM (Luke’s English Podcast Annual General Meeting) which will take place during the recording of this episode.

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The AGM is a chance for me to just summarise some news and give some information before we all go away for our summer holidays.

Here is the agenda for the meeting (which is split into two parts).

Luke’s English Podcast
Annual General Meeting
August 2013
Location: Baddesley Clinton House (not haunted)
1. New listeners
2. Thank you
3. Sweat
4. Bassline
5. Best voice for the podcast
6. Toilet seats
7. Playstation 3 – system update required
8. Time
9. Happy music
10. Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino
11. Pedagogical Approach
12. Whiskey in meetings
13. Background music

…This episode continues in the next episode of Luke’s English Podcast

Part 2 – Agenda
14. Set List Show
15. Meeting listeners
16. Music mixes
17. Holidays and weather
18. New job
19. New episodes
20. Wearing trainers without socks – The Dangers
21. Flip flops in Paris – The Dangers
22. The sound of your own voice
23. Zdeněk Lukáš
24. Length of episodes
25. Pacific Rim
26. Statistics
27. Emails
28. The new Star Wars movies
29. AOB

Thanks for attending the meeting. If you have any other business, just leave a comment below. Happy holidays. Luke

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  • Comments archive from Podomatic.com:

    Comments (13)
    Thank you so much Luke ! Bettina (118 days ago)
    Haha, whenever you see a street cake you think of me? How sweet!
    The song is called “Ire Feelings” by Rupie Edwards. What a classic! www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZZlQqG7hEg Luke Thompson (119 days ago)
    Hello Luke, please can you tell me the title of the song ( Reggae music ) I’m falling in love with this song… Thanks in advance. Have a nice day ! Bettina (119 days ago)
    Hi Luke, as you already know I’m a little dog. I’d just to let you know that I love your song of “Streetcakes”. My mistress always pick them up ! Nevertheless everyday I notice one I’m thinking of you… Nina (119 days ago)
    The pod is so interesting and good to listen. I thank u master for the good work of ur pod which is helping thousands of listenerS around the world. I enjoyed every minute of the meeting vicariously and want to wish u all the good luck. Have fun master ! Rajesh Vt (132 days ago)
    Hi Luke,
    I’m really new on this great blog and unfortunatly I have a very bad level of english
    Is it possible somewhere to find the text or your nice job?
    thanks a lot, ciao (136 days ago)
    u look old in the photo ,i cant imagine the real and older one ,lol,justajoke bateshui (150 days ago)
    Don’t worry Luke. I forgot to add that I’d bring some biscuits next time winking That’s me but you’re going to have to come up with an idea on how to prevent our closing voting from cheating by three-armed participants. ‘Hands up’ doesn’t seem to have worked last time. big smile Andrzej, Andrew, no matter (150 days ago)
    Thanks for the comments! Sorry for the lack of biscuits winking Luke Thompson (151 days ago)
    Yes Luke, you did it again! Brilliant! By the way, thank you for the invitation. That was a pleasure to take part. One inconvenience – lack of biscuits – we will make up for it next time. Bye. Andrzej (151 days ago)
    Well, this is one of my favourite podcasts, Luke. It might have something to do with the very wise phrase – ”If women are not happy, no one is happy”.
    I don’t know how you do it but you always come up with new ideas, new jokes that make your podcasts great.
    And I love the background music you sometimes play for us. You have exquisite taste and I think music does help us. Not that electronic music though.
    One of the voices I think you should try is that of a Frenchman speaking English.  And I will always like your Sean Connery voice.
    Thank you for everything you do for us.
    Teodora C.(Romania) (152 days ago)
    Just spotted some misprints in my comment. Sorry. “diFFerent”, “podcasTs”. All your podcasts are above all praise. Anna Khazan (152 days ago)
    Oh Luke! Your podcast is hilarious! It made me laugh out loud at times (for example, when you were talking in diggerent voice tones or expanding on toilet seats). It’s great. Oh I really love your podcasts. And you. Did you read my comment to the Ghosts podcas about things disappearing mysteriously? I forgot to put my name there. So. The General Meeting is a success. One of my wishes is to meet you in person some time)) Anna Khazan from Russia (152 days ago)

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