142. The Annual General Meeting (Part 2)

Here is the second part of the AGM. For more information, see episode 141.

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Thanks for attending the AGM. Here is the agenda:

Part 2 – Agenda
13. Set List Show (see video below)
14. Meeting listeners
15. Music mixes
16. Holidays and weather
17. New job
18. New episodes
19. Wearing trainers without socks – The Dangers
20. Flip flops in Paris – The Dangers
21. The sound of your own voice
22. Zdeněk Lukáš
23. Length of episodes
24. Pacific Rim
25. Statistics
26. Emails
27. The new Star Wars movies
28. AOB

Thanks for attending the meeting. If you have any other business, just leave a comment below. Happy holidays. Luke

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Set list show