157. A Cup of Coffee with… Sarah Donnelly (Part 2)

Hi everyone, here is the second part of the conversation I had with Sarah Donnelly. In this one we continue to answer questions from listeners. The discussion mainly focusses on learning languages and teaching English. Feel free to leave your comments below and enjoy the episode!

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Click here for Sarah’s Facebook page – Sarah Donnelly (Comedy)

Cheers & bye for now ;)


  • Safine Ashirova

    Hi Teacher Luke!
    I wanted to go to Sarah’s twitter page but a page that opens says the page doesn’t exist. What should I do?
    Thanks in advance.
    Safine from Crimea

    • Hi Safine,
      I’m afraid Sarah is not on Twitter and the Facebook page for her show doesn’t exist any more!
      But you can find her page for comedy on Facebook here www.facebook.com/sarahdcomedy/
      I hope that helps!
      All the best,

      • Safine Ashirova

        Thank you a lot!
        lol (lots of love)

  • zhou chen

    Somehow I just listened to this episode and previous one with Sarah today. Thank you, Luke, for putting in so much effort to bring us English conversations in varied ways. I enjoyed them all and specially like the positive tune to persist on.

    I was actually waiting for Sarah’s list of books since she mentioned in the previous episode. It’s a pity that this episode was disturbed by technique problems and I won’t know her book list for English learners. Maybe someday you’ll bring her back to your podcast to talk about the book list, won’t you? please? Thank you very much.

  • Catherine Bear

    Wow, almost three years have past here, and no a single comment. I wonder why?
    Sorry for the technical problem you had had causing you to end the recording unexpectedly… :-/

    It is a very difficult question “Where are the best English teachers?”. It is almost impossible to answer. The best teacher to me is one who listens to you and help you build confidence, like Lionel in King’s Speech.

    I found Sarah a very positive and engaging teacher. Is she still teaching English? Is she fluent in French now? She was saying, you need around 3 to 4 years to become fluent in a foreign language (with a regular practice). Also with this question: just focuse and enjoy here and now. It doesn’t matter – how many years it’s going to take. Just enjoy the process and small steps and progress you are making day after day. :)

    Luke, your voice sounds diferently here, as if your throat were sore.

    • Hi Cat, Sarah is still teaching English but she is currently about 8 months pregnant (time flies) so I guess she’s going to be otherwise engaged for a few months. Her French is much better these days. I know she is he is pretty fluent in speaking because she tells me that she actually enjoys making complaints in French to companies on the telephone!

      • Catherine Bear

        How nice, I’m so glad she is expecting a baby, congrats!!! :)

        Luke, next time you have troubles by bying some ultra-expensive healthy bread, take her with you for assistance. She could teach you how to complaint in French. ;)