231. YEP! Runners Up (Part 1)

Here are my conversations with runners up from the YEP competition. In this episode you’ll hear me talk to Kevser from Turkey, Max from Italy and Giovanni from Italy – all of whom won their groups in the competition. In the next episode you’ll hear from the other runners up, Yannick, Aritz, Phil and Javier, and then finally a longer conversation with the main winner Edgar from Mexico. Enjoy! [Download]

p.s. I’m a little bit frustrated by a technical issue in some of these interviews. There’s a slight delay on some of the Skype recordings – my interviewees responses are a bit late, and my responses come too quickly. It sounds like I’m rudely interrupting my interviewees sometimes. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much, or make me sound too rude!

  • Mark

    Max from Italy is absolutelly amazing! If you ever decide to make your own podcast in Italian, I’ll by it.

  • Kate

    Congratulations to everyone: all of the competitors were really great. In particular, Kevser from Turkey was so nice and I’d like to thank Giovanni from Italy: his english is very clear and his words are always smart, interesting and encouraging.

  • This message is to congratulate with the three Italians who won the competition in their section. Three out of eight! That’s amazing because we Italians are not well known as good learners of languages, specially English. I also wanted to thank Giovanni for his words about the hospitality of the Sicilians. In spite the fact that the south of Italy is less industrialized and poorer compared to the north, they are much more friendly and that is said by an inhabitant of a northern region. We are way more selfish! I hope next year I’ll be able to come and visit your beautiful island.
    And for now it’s ciao, ciao, ciao to everybody, each of you was great.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kevser from Turkey, I think your pronunciation is really very good as far as I can judge it as a German and also you’ve got a nice voice and last but not least you speak English quite fluently. Concratulation, I didn’t listen to your recording but I can catch up on that.
    Cheers Krissy

    • Kevser

      thank you so much:)

      • CHIHEB Taha

        Kevser i wish your conversation was longer , it’s so lovely to hear you , good luck with your career , i’m sure you’re going to be an amazing teacher :)

      • Kevser


  • Nur

    It was really nice to listen someone from my country in here ! :)
    I wish I sent an entry for this competition , but I’m new here maybe next time …
    Thank you Luke for this amazing podcast ..
    You are the best ! :)

  • it was so funy!!
    Hey kevser you got a nice accent

    • She must be a positive person in real life. I have absolutely the same view on teaching kids. Hi-five to you Kevser.

    • Kevser

      thank you

  • Gazdy

    Hi Max!!
    I laughed out loud on the bus while i was going to work when you promoted me to a chief police officer :D

    • Max from italy

      ahahahahha Gazdy!! I’m glad you appreciated my joke :-)

  • Amber

    I voted for those two Italians and I was glad when I saw they both won in their groups. Congrats! Lovely to hear you again!
    “Cereal killer” – ha ha! :-D
    Giovanni’s English with his strong Italian accent sounds amazing!
    And Kevser – wow! I must have skipped that episode with your entry or didn’t listened to all of it… I’d have definitely voted for you. You sound like a lovely person too. Best of luck in your future career as an English teacher!
    And no, it wasn’t annoying to listen to this one despite the technical difficulties, at least not to me.
    CIAO !

    • Kevser

      thank you so much

    • Max from italy

      Thanks Amber :-)

      • Amber

        And now you Max (and ohers) have a chance to send some of that music you made to Luke so we may hear it as well: Episode 234. – Making Choons… :-)

  • Andrzej

    I can hardly find words to express how much I appreciate listeners who took part in a YEP competition. Hello to Kevser! I didn’t vote for you but now I think it must have been a mistake. I must have been deaf or something. Hello Max, hello Giovanni. I voted for you two and I am glad to listen to you today live. All three interviews give me new incentives to work harder and I’m looking forward to the next ones.

    • Max from italy

      Thanks Andrezej for voting for me and I’m happy you liked our interviews

  • Wow, this is so much fun!!!