232. YEP! Runners Up (Part 2)

Hi everyone. In this episode you can listen to conversations I had with YEP competition runners up Yannick, Aritz, Phil and Javier. They won their groups in the competition. In the next episode you’ll be able to listen to my conversation with the overall winner, Edgar from Mexico. [Download]

p.s. I’m a little bit frustrated by a technical issue in some of these interviews. There’s a slight delay on some of the Skype recordings – my interviewees responses are a bit late, and my responses come too quickly. It sounds like I’m rudely interrupting my interviewees sometimes. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much, or make me sound too rude!

Listen to Phil’s favourite episode “Hip Hop Lyric Analysis” by clicking here.

  • It was Gabriela from Brazil, that 13 year old girl with awesome British English accent :)

  • Andrzej

    It’s a real privilege and pleasure to listen to listeners being interviewed by Luke. It takes the podcast to new heights giving clear evidence that it’s a living thing. Luke, you couldn’t have done a better thing even sending out a lorry of MacMillan dictionaries ;)

    ps. I would like to be a judge in a court of law provided I’m allowed to change a hammer with a sledgehammer and use it to hand out my sentences :)