233. YEP! Winner

Here’s my conversation with the overall YEP competition winner, Edgar Hernandez from Mexico (aka Bono Chimp). [Download]

Again, apologies for the slight technical issue in this recording – there’a a bit of a delay which makes it sound like I’m interrupting Edgar. I assure you, it’s a technical fault due to recording via Skype – I’m not really that rude or impatient!

I hope you enjoy the conversation. Now it’s back to business as usual for LEP.

  • This is the END, until the next competition.
    Thank you so much Luke for all your precious time, it was a very nice competition.
    Cheers ;)

  • Belmaria de Lima

    Thank Luke and Edgar it was a great conversation ….

  • Hi! Luke, I’m one of those special listeners who listened all of your podcasts from the beginning to the end, exept “world cup”….because I don’t like footbal! Why don’t you use vk.com? It’s the most popular social network in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many more countries. And as we know, these countries are on the top of your listeners. I saw Luke Tompson there, but i’m not sure that there was not fake. So we are waiting for you on vk.com!

    • I am on vk but i dont use it a lot. Ok I’ll go on more often.

      • Well….I suppose it’s You vk.com/teacherluke
        I always strongly recommend your podcasts to all of my freands who learning english, because for me you’re best teacher =)

  • Congratulation Edgar. It was a pleasant conversation. Good luck with the teaching career.
    You don’t have to worry too much about the sound quality… the quality is fairly good.

    • Edgar Hernandez

      Thank you Yaron your comment is very kind. I’m glad you enjoyed the conversation. For me it was an honour to be featured on the Podcast.


    Hello Luke. Thank you again for this great opportunity you’ve given to me. I comoletely treated myself talking to you. I am so sorry for all the noise in the background and for the echoe sounding as well. I hope all the LEPERS like our conversation and that trouble with the communication don’t hold them back from listening to all of our conversation.


      I meant I completely ….and the trouble with communication doesn’t hold the back from… ;p.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulation from me to the winner! -:)


      Aw thank You so much for that.