335. VOCABULARY REVIEW: Phrases & Expressions from Episode 334.

This episode is a chance to review and explain some of the vocabulary that you heard in my interview with Craig Wealand. You’ll find the list of words I’m explaining in this episode printed below. You could copy+paste them into your own vocabulary lists, flashcard apps or simply write them into your vocabulary notebook. Remember, you should do some work to remember these phrases. Don’t just read them one by one, but try to create your own sentences with them, make associations with your life, create vivid images in your head or draw them on paper – basically, do whatever you can to push the phrases into your mind and back out through your mouth. You’re much more likely to remember them that way.

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After listening to this you could go back to episode 334 and listen to it again and try to notice the phrases as they crop up naturally in conversation. There are lots of ways to remember words.

Don’t forget that you should also use phrases, because “if you don’t use it you lose it”. You can practise your speaking with native speakers on italki. Click here to check it out: teacherluke.co.uk/talk

Vocabulary List

Here are the phrases that I explain in this episode.

  1. I thought it was about time that I got you (back) on LEP (it’s about time I did something)
  2. It’s been getting on for 3 years. (to be getting on for xxx years)
  3. How did you end up being an English teacher? (to end up doing something)
  4. He ended up marrying an Israeli girl.
  5. I took part of the credit for that. (to take the credit for something)
  6. I didn’t see myself doing a clerical job. (to see yourself doing something)
  7. You couldn’t just give away money willy nilly. (to do something willy nilly)
  8. You must have brushed shoulders, as it were, with Essex’s finest. (to brush shoulder’s with someone) (Essex’s finest)
  9. As soon as I got over the fear of standing in front of people. (to get over something)
  10. I came back to Spain with my tail between my legs. (with your tail between your legs)
  11. You start looking at things in a different light. (to look at something/see something in a different light)
  12. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  13. I lived in an English cocoon for the first year. (a cocoon)
  14. They’re very erratic and very dangerous! (erratic)
  15. It was just a scrape – a small dent in the car. (a scrape, a dent)
  16. Lots of tailgating goes on. (tailgating)
  17. Customer service sometimes falls a bit short. (to fall short)
  18. I’m always on a mission to go to the pub. (to be on a mission to do something)
  19. I want to sit in a pub, nursing a pint of Guinness. (to nurse something)
  20. To be constipated.
  21. My French is coming along. (to be coming along)
  22. It’s a question of trying to squeeze (in) bits of learning into the lifestyle. (to squeeze something in)
  23. It doesn’t just magically rub off on you. (to rub off on someone)
  24. They had to use the language in order to get by in a work environment. (to get by)
  25. If I don’t pull out the stops and work on the language then it’s not going to improve. (to pull out the stops)
  26. I’m turning the tables on you. You’re going to be in the hot-seat this time. (to turn the tables on someone / the hot seat)
  27. I guard it with my life. (to guard something with your life)
  28. If she dares to put a pen on my desk I shout at her and we have an argument. (to dare to do something)
  29. You’d keep them in a bag and every now and then you’d take a look and have a whiff of the petrol. (to have a whiff of something)
  30. They (cats) look down their nose at you.  (to look down your nose at something)
  31. I’ve never been very keen on cats. (to be keen on something)
  32. I can’t talk you round. (to talk someone round)
  33. The thing about dogs is that they’re too needy, too high-maintenance. (needy / high-maintenance)
  34. Doesn’t that bother you, that they’re so fickle? (fickle)

Thanks for listening. Why don’t you add a comment in order to practise using some of the phrases in the list?

16 thoughts on “335. VOCABULARY REVIEW: Phrases & Expressions from Episode 334.

  1. Ptholome

    Are Spanish drivers really erratic? Not, really, In Spain we know that they are not going to respect the rules when they are driving a car. Or even any rule. The problem is when there are people driving according the laws so for Spanish people those people are the erratic ones. :)

    Of course, this is not fully true because this is not a wild country. Though the road seems to be quite wild.

  2. Denis Shatilov

    Are you asking – what about situation on roads in my place!?) It always a fascinating thing to look at – cars swinging from last right line to last right line (in case the road is more or less empty), big, huge, from time to time enormous traffic jams, fights and shootings (anyone can watch alot of video on youtube). Yes, it can be sort of an adventure when you go at work or somewhere else. Ofcause it can be quite peaceful at times (on Sunday only))

  3. Denis Shatilov

    It’s interesting to notice the differences. “The grass is always greener on the other side” sounds as – “it’s always better where we aren’t” in russian.

  4. Ashish Nagaonkar

    Hello English Guru Luke,
    No phrases in English means fish out of water. A phrase is a better half of a language. If they ( language and phrase) are not getting along like bride and groom , they would end up either in a FRAGMENT or in RUN ON .

    Here Luke is giving complete language
    Where grammar is a family. A husband named Noun and wife named Verb in the house of Grammar. Verb is a life parter of a noun ,and they have two sons and one daughter. The elderly son takes the position of father when his father is absent .People called him Pronoun .The younger son Adjective is poet ; he describes many things . A daughter describes her mother Verb.
    Servant in that house is an Interjection. Noun has brother in law named as preposition He always help him showing his position in life . Conjunction is dear friend of family.

    Great work English GURU Luke.

  5. Zenna Healing

    I find your interview with Craig super funny and entertaining.
    By the way, where can we post audio messages?

    1. Luke Thompson

      Actually, it’s no longer possible to leave audio messages because Audioboom removed that function, which is a bit annoying. I might add a plugin to the website to allow that. Glad you enjoyed the interview with Craig!

      1. Zenna Healing

        Ah that would be good. I always find it more personal to communicate through audio messages versus just text messages.

  6. Paul

    Hi Luke, great job!

    “Willy Nilly”.

    I first heard this one the 8 th sep 2015, on BBC Radio 2. It was Gyles Brandreth during the programme, What Makes us Human, who used this phrase, approximately like this:

    …if you can’t find time to learn a poem a day, try learning a word a day instead. Playing with words will increase your vocabulary WILLY NILY. And he gone on:…WILLY NILLY comes from the old English phrase WILL YOU or WILL YOU NOT…


  7. Ewelina

    Is it only me or you also have problems with links sent by Luke? For me very often if I click on link from email there is “Page not found”.

    1. Paul

      I’ve no trouble with this issue, Ewelina. Anyways, I visit this website on a daily basis – Luke could stop sending me any email…

  8. Mollie Tai

    This episode is a total worth of English learning . Some of us were in the rays of the day and many were still looking at the stars at night when 335 has come . The grass is always greener on this side . We are on our mission to pull out all the stops . We need to guard our English with our lives by living in an English cocoon and brushing our shoulders with Luke . GREAT STUFF ! Thank you !

    1. Paquan

      Hello Mollie, I really like reading your comments. They’re beautiful, lively, and always contain positive attitude. It’s a kind of little thing that I read to start my day. Thank you. :)


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