I’m going on holiday – no podcasts for a while

This is not a full episode of the podcast – I’m just letting you know that I’m going away for a few weeks so there will be no podcasts for a little while. We’re getting away from it all for a few weeks. I probably won’t be online much, perhaps not at all. A couple of places we’re going to don’t have any internet at all. It’s going to be a bit of a digital detox. So, I won’t be uploading episodes for a while, and I won’t be responding to comments and stuff, but I look forward to reading your comments when I get back.

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It might be about 3 possibly even 4 weeks until the next episode of the podcast is uploaded, depending on how busy I am when I get back. This is one of the reasons I’ve uploaded so much stuff lately. I thought – they can just catch up on all the stuff while I’m away. I realise now that the only people to listen to this message are the ones who’ve already listened to all the other episodes. So, the idea that you can catch up on the new output is a bit useless. But you can always delve into the back catalogue and check that all out.

From the archives

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A little story

Before I go, I have to tell you something that happened today, just because I can’t tell my wife and I have to tell someone so I’m going to tell you…

So, I thought I’d just leave that with you before I go away.

An Anecdote Competition?

As I said, it will be a while before I upload another episode, but I think that when I come back I’m going to launch a new competition and I think this time it will be about anecdotes. So, think about any anecdotes that you have in English that you could send to me. Don’t actually send anything yet, but just start thinking about any little true stories that you have that you could send to me as part of an anecdote competition which I’ll launch later this year. What would be cool is if I could collect a bunch of anecdotes from listeners and then play them all on the podcast and people can vote for their favourites. I wonder what kind of stuff you’ll all come up with. Go back to my recent episode about anecdotes if you want some inspiration.

But for now, that’s it. Have a good summer or winter and I’ll speak to you after a little break.