4. Extra Podcast – Quick Hello

Transcript available below.

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Hi, this is just a quick extra podcast to say hello and to let you know there are more podcasts coming soon. Also in this episode you can listen to a comedy sketch about speaking English. More information and a transcript for the comedy sketch below…

I’m preparing episodes 4, 5 & 6 at the moment and I’ll upload them soon. Episode 4 is about Joaquin Phoenix, with a language section about beliefs and opinions. Episode 5 is about men and women, and episode 6 is about vampires! with a language section on describing feelings and emotions.

Also, as a bonus extra in this podcast you can listen to the audio from a comedy sketch from the BBC comedy show Big Train. You can see a transcript, and watch the YouTube video below. Do you think it’s funny? What is it about? Let me know: luketeacher@hotmail.com Enjoy!

TRANSCRIPT: Extra Podcast – Quick Hello

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Hello to everyone out there in podcast land. This is Luke and I’m just sending you a quick message. This isn’t a full podcast. Just a quick message to say hello to you and to say thanks for downloading and to let you know that more episodes of the podcast are coming. I am producing them at the moment. So more episodes will be coming very soon you’ll be able to download episodes four and  five and episode six.

Episode four is about the Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix and there will be some language some useful language you can use to describe your beliefs and opinions. Episode five is going to be about men and women, the differences and similarities between men and women and the way in which we communicate with each other.

Let’s see, episode six is going to be about vampires and about the movie ‘Twilight’ which is a big hit which has recently being released on DVD and there will be some useful language about emotions and describing feelings.

So more episodes will be uploaded on the internet soon and you will be able to listen to them and download them.

So thanks again for listening and downloading. Don’t forget to send me an email. Luketeacher@hotmail.com and I will speak to you again soon.

bye for now




Okay, just this is a little bonus extra I am going to leave you with a little audio clip which comes from a BBC TV show, comedy show called ‘Big Train’ and in this clip you’ll hear a woman asking for help in English.

So, I am interested to see if you think it’s funny and if you understand it. I will also post the video on my web page and I will also include a transcript of the conversation so that you can understand it more.

Do you find it funny? And what do you think is funny about it. What’s the joke, okay? So, I am interested to hear what you think.

And here is the audio clip:

. .

Comedy Sketch transcript:

Woman: Excuse me… excuse me. Sorry, erm… do you speak English?

Man: No I don’t, sorry.

Woman: Erm. My car’s broken down and I wondered if you could tell me where to find a garage.

Man: Well, y’know, that’s wasted on me. I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Woman: You don’t speak any English at all?

Man: Not a word. No. It’s one of those things really… I wish I’d paid more attention in school… but, um, [to another man] excuse me, excuse me… sorry. Do you speak any English?

Man 2: English? No. What’s the problem?

Man: I don’t know I can’t understand her.

Woman: Hi, err, my car’s broken down and I need to find a garage.

Man 2: No, I’m sorry. I didn’t understand that at all…

Woman: All right, well… thanks.

Man: I tell you what, if you go down that way, about half a mile, there’s a village. There might be somebody there that speaks English.

Woman: Ich speaking bisschen Deutsch. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  [She says in German: I speak a little German. Do you speak German?]

Man: Deutsch, nein. Spreckenzie Deutch?

Man 2: Deutch, nein. Aber ich bin nicht fließend [He speaks fluent German…]

Man: I’m sorry we couldn’t be more help.

Man 2: Yeah, sorry about that. Hey, you never know… next time you’re over, maybe we’ll have learned a bit of English.

Man: oder Deutsch vielleicht. [in German} or German!

Ja, das wäre toll

Woman: Thanks anyway…

[She walks away}

Man: I can speak English

Man 2: So can I!

[They laugh…]