326. Catching up with Oli / Future Predictions (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of the recent chat I had with my cousin Oliver. In this one we talk about becoming a Dad and predictions for the future. What will society be like in the next 10-20 years? What changes will we see in communication, technology, travel and other areas? What kind of world will Oliver’s daughter grow up in? These are all questions we discuss in the episode. Watch out for language related to the future, technology, communication and childcare. Also, listen until the end to hear Oli play a nice tune on the guitar. :)

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There is no text related to this episode.  All you have to do is listen. :)


Hello everyone – I’m just adding a bit of extra content here after the jingle because I’ve got some good news to tell you! I just wanted to let you know that since I published this episode last week Oliver has become a proud father. Yes, Valentina was born just yesterday. I’m happy to report that both mother and baby are well, and are currently resting, eating, sleeping and generally recovering from the birth. According to Oliver, the baby is not only fit and healthy, but also “perfect”. So, there’s a new Thompson in the world! I can’t wait to meet her. Maybe one day I’ll have her on the podcast. If you want to congratulate Oliver and his wife, you can leave a comment under this episode or even send me an email which I can then pass on to the proud parents. I am sure they are both absolutely delighted. It’s amazing to think that a whole new chapter has just opened in their lives. OK – that’s enough cheese!

However, if you like a bit of cheese, and if you’re wondering what to say when congratulating someone who has had a baby, here are some ideas:

When you meet someone (spoken English)

Hey congratulations (on the new baby)! You must be delighted! That’s fantastic, I’m really happy for you. 

When you write a message (e.g. in a card)

Wishing all the happiness to the new mum and dad! May life be especially sweet for you and your little baby!

You must be sooo happy! Wishing you happy moments with your little girl/boy.

I’m really excited that your little baby has arrived safe and sound! Congratulations on this lovely news.

Congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood! May little one be blessed with every happiness.


Here’s the Simpsons video I mention in the conversation with Oli.
“So this stuff really works?”
“Certainly does”
“Well, lots of LUCK!”

Oculus Rift

Solar Roadways

A solar roadway sceptic


  • Anonymous

    His guitar solo gave me the chills

  • ptholome

    Impossible, is not a modern word in. France because when you tell them: I can’t do it because it is impossible. Forty years ago I listen for the first time in this country. Impossible is not French! So try it again. Impossible n’est pas Français!

  • Sebastian

    Hi Everyone, after listening of this episode (especially future technologies part) I felt that I have to aware You of Samsung remote control eavesdropping. Here You can find an interesting article about this.

  • I also always skip advertisements on a search engine results page and I think there is some psychological explanation in it… sort of I don’t want them to show me some silly weird stuff which I don’t even want to see.

    And Luke, don’t you think that Google translate can replace human teachers eventually?=(

  • The technology of today is the future of tomorrow . Our life is created by what we do now . Nothing is ” impossible ” in this modern world , even our dreams . As a teacher you can change the whole universe . Hooray for LEP !!!