389. US Presidential Election 2016 – Trump vs Clinton (with Sarah & Sebastian) Part 2

Here is part two of my conversation with Sarah and Sebastian from the USA about the upcoming presidential election. In this episode we turn our attention to Hillary Clinton.


So, that was our conversation about the election. There were opinions flying around. There were words flying around. There was a hell of a lot in there. I could spend forever untangling it all and explaining the words, breaking it all down bit by bit so you understand it all. But frankly, that would take me hours and hours and I just can’t do that. In the end, I think perhaps the best thing to do was to play you a natural conversation about it instead, even if it was hard for you to follow.

Perhaps because we were talking rather quickly. Perhaps because we were talking over each other a bit. Perhaps it was difficult because of the American accents of Sebastian and Sarah. Perhaps because you don’t know the subject well and that made it hard to understand. So, if it was a struggle to understand everything, well done for making it through to the end of the episode here.

If it wasn’t a struggle and you feel you understood a lot of the conversation, then well done you!

I expect some Trump fans out there listening to this got triggered by some of our comments. You might have strong feelings. Can I suggest that before you do that you take a deep breath before you start writing. Also, I’m sure there are some anti-Hillary people out there. Again, don’t spread hateful comments on the website. Instead I encourage you to present a developed argument, and not the sort of hateful nonsense you find under the average YouTube video.

Whatever your thoughts and feelings, please join in the conversation and leave your comments on the page for this episode. I have a few questions for you. You can answer as many as you like.

  1. How was the conversation for you? Did you understand it all?
  2. What do you think of Hillary?
  3. What do you think of Trump?
  4. Who do you think will win?
  5. Who do you hope will win?

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the website.

Thanks for listening. Speak to you soon.




  • Ptholome

    Why? Why Clinton didn’t admit it she did a mistake instead to let people like me to think she was hiding something?


  • Ptholome

    And Trump won!

    Even if the Intellige Artificial sowftware which predicted the last twelve results in the USA elections said that Trump will win I didn’t want to believe it…
    Maybe the Obama’s “Yes We Can” killed the hope of his followers seen the poor result after 8 years in the White House.
    Besides Luke said in these episodes that never a Domocrate, after a democrate has been President for 8 years, had succeeded to win the election.
    We can notice that in these two episodes we don’t know even the Clinton’s programme only how bad is Trump. So there was not hope in the Democrate party and the lost.
    Nevertheless a question raises on my mind: Do Americans people prefer a Black and later a raciste as President before a Woman?

  • Alvin

    Hi, Luke
    What’s your and your dad’s comments on Trump winning election?

  • alexmillenium

    Hi, Luke!
    This is my first comment, but I have been listening to your podcast since last winter. Thank you so much for the great work you you have done and still keeping on with it!
    As for the conversation I understood pretty much, meaning not every particular word and sentence but the entire conversation. The first part of the discussoin about Trump seems more easy to understand. Frankly I had read some BBC news a couple of days before listening to the podcast and I was I bit more informed of what was going to be told.
    I pretty much agree with you guests about Trump’s personality. Trump is a corporation itself with a human face. I assume he has great skills in communicating in business affairs, but as for politics he doesn’t seem to me as the best choice ever.
    I have nothing to say about Hillary. I am convinced enough that she will win, no matter what polls a showing. I am also convinced that polls play a specific role of ?shaping? public opinion.
    Thank you, Luke! Don’t ever stop! We love you so much!!!

  • Catherine Bear

    So, it’s started then. The Eye is looking towards west now.

    Mister T looked a little bit sad to me, Mrs C looked quite self-confident and triumphant already (watching now the BBC World News on my TV). The New Hampshire started to vote 10 min ago.

    Gosh, it’s exciting. I’m holding my breath until tomorrow — let’s see I’m gonna survive as long……………………

  • Nick
  • Yasmin

    A really great episode but unfortunately it was too short. I would have liked more input, a longer episode since this topic is really interesting and recent! Thanks Luke!!!!

  • Ivan

    A great episode. I like it.

    The talk is perfectly understandable, and I enjoyed the points are made.

    But, still, I think Trump is a better choice because of Clinton ;)