458. The Rick Thompson Report: Post-Election 2017

Talking to my Dad about the results of the UK’s general election on 8 June 2017.


Introduction Transcript

The story of British politics continues in this episode as I talk to my Dad about the most recent developments, specifically the results of the snap general election which took place on 8 June.

A general election is when all the MPs in the UK’s House of Commons are chosen by voters across the country. The party with the highest number of MPs wins the right to form a government. The leader of that party becomes the Prime Minister, the leader of the country.

At the moment our PM is Theresa May of the Conservative party and she called this election just 5 or 6 weeks in advance. I talked about it to my Dad last month. Her reason for doing it was to make sure she had a proper mandate from the people before beginning the brexit negotiations.

Everyone expected the Tories to win a bigger majority and for Labour to lose miserably.

But the results were quite surprising.

Here’s a very quick summary. www.bbc.com/news/election/2017/results

It’s a hung parliament. No party won enough seats to gain an overall majority.
The main parties are Conservatives and Labour.
Conservatives lost 13 seats. They now have 318.
Labour gained 30. They now have 262
This is a huge failure for the Conservatives.
SNP lost 21 seats. This is significant because they won so many in the last election and the SNP are all about gaining Scottish independence.
UKIP are out completely – they lost their single seat. They were the party campaigning for the UK to leave the EU and the immigrants to leave the UK.

Since the Tories are the incumbent party they get the first opportunity to try and form a government by making a deal with one of the other parties.

That’s the position at this moment. We’ll expand on it during our conversation but the words turmoil and disarray are again being used to describe the messy and complicated condition of politics in the UK today.

So let’s talk to my Dad – the professor of broadcast journalism and former BBC news man, for some much needed clarity on this whole subject in order to find out what happened, what it all means, how Northern Ireland and Scotland are involved and how this all relates to the ongoing story of Brexit.

As ever, watch out for all the key language as it appears. There is a lot of political language in this episode, which applies mainly to political systems in the UK but also could be used to talk about politics and international relations in other countries. Also, there are the usual fixed expressions, idioms and phrasal verbs that you normally find in any natural conversation.

Remember that in episode 352 of this podcast (nearly 100 episodes ago) I explained some key concepts and vocabulary related to this whole subject. So if you need some clarification and you want a reminder of some of the important words and terms relating to all of this, check out episode 352 in the archive.

352. BREXIT: Key Vocabulary and Concepts

82. Voting / Elections / Politics / Government

But now, let’s hear from my Dad, Rick Thompson about the current state of politics in the UK, just after last week’s snap general election.

Outtro Transcript

So there you are. I hope it’s all a little bit clearer now, but equally it might even be more complicated!

It is a complicated situation but I hope you agree that we’re quite lucky to be able to listen to my Dad talking about it in his typically lucid and articulate way.

Don’t forget that you can listen to previous episodes of this podcast in which I have gone into detail about the language of politics in the UK.

Episode 352 goes into detail about the vocabulary of Brexit and you can listen to that one again in order to learn some of the key language of this subject.

Also you can listen to episode 82 from way back in January 2012 when I did an episode about voting, elections, politics and government in the UK, in which I explain and teach all the essential language you need to talk about the political process and also you can listen to a funny sketch about a general election.

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I’m going to end this episode after the jingle by playing you parts of the speeches by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn in the first session of Parliament since the election results came out.

Listen carefully to the voices of the PM and opposition leader as they make statements about the results and about the democratic process in Parliament over the coming months.

The cheering and jeering sounds you hear in the background are all the other MPs sitting in the House of Commons. It’s quite normal to hear them all shouting and cheering in agreement, or heckling and laughing at people they don’t agree with. I wonder if the parliament in your country is as loud and boisterous as it is in the UK.

So thanks for listening, and keep on listening after the jingle if you’d like to hear the words of Prime Minister Theresa May and leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn. (Image below, BBC.com)

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.31.30

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  • Alex

    Another great episode of you and your Dad. I could listen to the two of you for ages and ages. Always so inspiring and informative. My very favorite podcast duo:)
    Yet, frankly speaking I am shocked by some of the comments further down the page re. homosexuality. Speechless.

    But, yay, I am happy that Germany finally approved same sex marriage. Way to go!

  • ptholome/Antonio

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  • Марк Мищекно

    Hi Luke. I’ve been listening your podcast for a while, and honestly I loved it. One of the reasons is my passion to British english. But this one really struck me. Let me ask you something: when did abortion and homosexuality become norm? Hello people!? I’m sorry to say but episodes like this really degrade morality. As the result we see more and more homosexuality among children. Human life is downgraded to nothing. Can you imagine normal society where there’s two fathers or two mothers? What impact it would have on psyche of those children. What children they are going to bring up? It’s really disaster. And it gets even worse considering the fact that you and your dad are people who others look up to. I’m tolerant to different points of view, but for me it was too much. I cant listen people who promote this. You said ones that you don’t have any political bias, but it turns out that religious you do.

    • ptholome/Antonio

      What’s a normal society for you? You know, I know these people and as like us they are very nice too. It doesn’t matter what are Luke’s ideas, it is impossible he could put them out of his mind while teaching English here. But to be tolerant is the best we can all do.
      It seems that your religious feeling don’t let you to be tolerant. But are you really religious or only a fanatic. Because from the fanatics, religious, politics or whatever only come bad things. English is also about this topics. When Luke speaks about England and its society he must speak about everything. I don’t agree with some of the economic thoughts he has even if he tries be impartial, I can see what are his political ideas but I need to learn about them too. We need to learn all of that. So I like him because he is a good teacher. He is not a priest.
      If you don’t like him you only need to say bye.
      Do you think that all these people must die? to be on a hospital for fool people?
      Because that is what they did in the past. These people deserve to be respected as human beings.
      So try to be tolerant.

      • James Wild

        Of course they are human beings and they deserve to be respected. But not their lifestyle.You know, all this “tolerance” kind of things has led us to where we are now. Does our world gets better? No.Does our families get stronger? No. Does our children get happier? No.I’m not trying to say that it’s all because of homosexuals, no.But it’s all because of modern world that says us that there’s no moral objectivity, thus we can justify everything. Some people (naturalists e.g.) go as far as justifying rape or murder. Are you sure it’s something that going to benefit society? I doubt.

        Regarding Impartiality.”They have kind of old fashioned world views” Does it sounds impartial enough? Meaning modern world view is killing children, and those who stay alive teach that it’s ok have sexual intercourse with same sex person. Great.

        Now, you tell me what normal society for you.

      • Wow.

      • ptholome/Antonio

        I ignore what is a normal society. I asked you because you said kind of: In a normal society, bla, bla, bla…
        I am a democrat and even if I don’t agree with certain laws in my country I accept them because we have democratic elections and the government did these laws, so I respect the democracy. I am not unhappy because the new rights for these people and they are happy so what’s wrong. Nothing is perfect but the democracy is the best society human being have agreed to live in.
        a few years ago, there was an USA senator who was fighting against the new rights gay people were asking for… One day, he changed suddenly and started to defend these new rights… But, asked a journalist, you were fighting against these people… Well. he said. my son told my that he is gay and wants to live with a men… And you know, he is my son and I want the best for him…
        You know, We need to live our present and try to have the best life for us and our family. Our life is really a short one so I am not going to waste my time suffering for a society that I am not going to be part of it in 20 years… In the times of Greece and later the Roman Empire these situation were normal, so it seems that human being have always had more types of human than men and women and on the obscures times of our society we have mistreat them and even killed them or even tortured them… But we are what we are and we need to accept ourselves totally. We have laws which mark the red line we must not cross in order to have a peaceful life… How the society is going to evolve? I don’t know and at 64 years old I don’t think people is going to listen what I think about these matter. I vote in the elections for the party which is closer to my thoughts but without hope.
        Nevertheless, I don’t understand these religious people who don’t apply what their religion tel them to do. To Love, not hate, tolerance, help, forgive… You know, all these things that make people great human being…

  • ptholome/Antonio

    About terrorist group, we know a lot in Spain. We have even ETA which has not officially surrender and bring the weapons to the police. They have stopped killing because there is a secret agreement with the government which is freeing the terrorists from the prisons… We don’t the clauses but we can see the effects. So we know what means. 845 killed victims and much more wounded people. But things are better know because I have he feeling that they have won.

    About immigration I agree that the countries need to control it. There is a moment where the immigrant can not have a job because there is not job. Imagine Spain with 27% of unemployment, people losing their houses… And thousand of immigrants crossing the Gibraltar detroit… So we had millions of new-poor people and the immigration continuing coming… But we can not hate these poor people because they are fighting for their life and have the same purpose for their families than our own purpose. however, because countries have a limited amount of money natives people stop wanting to share it when they are suffering poverty too.

    Because I have never had any economic problem in my life and will not have it in the future I can allow me to show how good my feelings could be towards poor people wherever they could come from… But A I sure I would be so good if I become poor and government tell me that there is not money because and I see on the queue more and more immigrants? That’s happening in Spain and more and more people who lost their comfortable economic situation or people seeing their children struggling to have a not too bad life but without a good job… certain of them are becoming fed up about immigration…

    I agree to allow people to come but with control and without hate…

    • Jakub Szlufik

      as i am immigrant as well i can say one thing, when you are in foreign country be kind to people, accept their culture, try to help them as much as you can and you will see that it will pay off in the future. For me the main problem of the immigration in europe for the time being, it is the people that go to another countries and they don’t even try to understand the way that the people live in this country. Management of the whole process of immigration is really important. From my point of view western europe countries woke up after few years not knowing about the problem and then boom they see the problem because there are too many people in their countries. For me as long as you are hard – working person and you at least try to understand principle rules in the country which you are in there will be no problem and you will be accepted by a community.

      • ptholome/Antonio

        The problem is that there is too much poverty in Africa because rich countries have abandoned this continent but show them how good is the life here, and worse: we have destabilized all the Arab countries so they are destroyed and people can’t live there so they go wherever they can… but Europe is having a crisis for ten years now and don’t have the capacity to take all of them… So, Brexit, Trump, New extremist parties are rising, the hate, egoism, and putting more oil on the fire: The terrorist attacks killing people in any street of any European city at any time.
        So, it comes hards times for the great feelings…

  • Eri

    As well as the cricket game, “World Cup of Pool” is now playing in London.

    If you are interested in, check this one out.