136. Cycling from London to Paris

A conversation with Ben Fisher about his long-distance cycling trip.

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What is the longest bike trip you’ve ever done? Have you ever run a marathon or walked a very long distance? In this episode, I speak to Ben Fisher, who just this weekend cycled all the way from The River Thames in London to La Seine in Paris, covering a distance of over 460km.

Listen to the podcast as Ben and I discuss the trip, the challenges, the pain, the joy and the enjoyment of this journey by bicycle. In our discussion you will hear lots of vocabulary relating to cycling and transport in general.
Click here to read Ben’s blog, in which he describes the journey and shows some photos. Thanks for listening to the podcast.
Have you ever made a long journey by bike? Leave a comment to tell us about it.
All the best, Luke

There is a google document with a transcript for this episode. Click here to read it.

  • IvanKorjavin

    Very nice episode (Yes, I am a slowpoke).
    I love how the guest sounds.


    Those ones are so funny……the pain the sweat the tears lol! (319 days ago)

    hi luke, you could use a microphone which writes automaticly while you speak. It will make some mistakes but will give you a rough transcript. bye bye and thanks, you are great! (327 days ago)

    ii (327 days ago)

    Hello Luke.
    I usually ride a racing bicycle four days per week. Saturdays is compulsory to make about 160 km with my cycling mates, and we enjoy it a lot. I made 12000 km the last years but people of my group make more than 20000. Sometimes we put ourselves a new challenge. A month ago, we went from Pamplona (north of Spain) to Cambrills in the Mediterranean coast in a journey ,420 km, in 12h 20 min, adding the stops 15hours. Another time, I did the St Jacques way on a MTB in a week, an amazing experience. And , after a few hour, I travel to central Pyrenees (Bagneres de Luchon) to do the epic stage of the tour de France (1910) Luchon-Bayona, 320km climbing the most beauty famous ” Colls “ de France. The winner of this stage called murderers to the organization.

    Pardon for the mistakes and congratulations for your helpful job

    A sample of our trip



    (374 days ago)

    I am still not very good in English, that’s why for me is easier to learn podcast if there is the transckript available. Will be the transcript provided to this episode? (377 days ago)

    Hello Ben, Luke, everyone!
    I’m completely addicted to cycling. It’s one of these three things, cycling, reading books and taking photographs, I’m addicted to. I usually make about 3000 km per year. It is not very impressive for racing bikers, I know, but I make it mostly off road and in mountains on a mountain bike and it changes everything. The longest distance I’ve ever ridden at once was 80 km. I usually take my camera on me to take pictures during cycling as a memento of places I visit. I chose mountain bike and off road many years ago because riding a bike on the roads where I live is not especially safe. Anyway, nice an useful podcast which I enjoyed a lot. Thank you and all the best!

    ps. Here you are one of my photo-stories: picasaweb.google.com/MrDudek65/WzdUzSopotuITanwiCzyliRoztoczeWschodnieRowerem
    That’s for those who don’t have anything more interesting to do smiley Bye!

    Andrzej (377 days ago)

    Zdenek Lukas
    Loved the episode – very useful language btw for me. I haven’t got a car so a bicycle is very important to me every day. I usually don’t cycle long distances like that but together I do cover similarly distance a year. Zdenek Lukas (377 days ago)

    Hello, the reason it sounds different is probably because this episode is presented in stereo. You’ll hear me in one ear and Ben in another ear. Also, the episode was recorded in different part of the apartment, so the acoustics might be slightly different.
    Hey! Why will it never be possible to travel the world by bike?

    Hope you’re all enjoying the episode…

    Luke Thompson (377 days ago)

    The longest distance I’ve ever cycled was from my home to my high school (about 1K)big smile.Now I dream of travelling the world by bike to get the chance to practice my deadish English but I know this will never be possible sad (377 days ago)

    Hello.Thank you for another great episode, Luke.It sounds a bit different. It must be the microphone, I guess.

    Teodora Cimpean
    I’ve never made any long journey by bike, but I used to go camping in my early twenties.I can’t imagine myself doing it again, though. The reason would be the heavy rain. smiley (377 days ago)

    Will be transcript available for this podcast?

    There is a google document with a completed transcript for this episode.

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