138. Discussing Movies (Part 2)

The second part of this discussion about films.

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This is the second in a 2-part series all about films. In this one, Henry and I answer listeners’ questions from Facebook. See below for more details.

Please feel free to leave your comments. I love talking about movies, and I have plenty of things to say about them in the future. In fact, I am planning episodes on these subjects: Zombies!
Classic Movie Scenes (listen to some movies scenes, then understand everything which is said)
Great British movies (what movies can I recommend?)
Star Wars
Superhero Movies
Back To The Future
Which ones would you like to listen to most? Let me know. The episodes should eventually be recorded for your listening pleasure…

As for this episode, here are the questions from Facebook, which I discuss with Henry. You can find the names of movies we mention under each question. Enjoy the episode!

Ilona Lolo Wysocka What’s the movie that every British should know?
*We dealt with this episode in part 1

Israel Mtz Hi Luke here’s Israel (a Spanish newcomer in London). Why people often overrate films like Casa Blanca, Amelie, etc.?
*We answered this one in part 1 too

K: Why do (most) men love action movies with guns, explosions, blood and sexy girls but no real storyline ?
17 June at 16:02
Movies mentioned:
The Fast & The Furious 6
Toy Story
A Bug’s Life

Amirzade Al-Alim Mutasodirin Do you know how much money animation software costs? For instance software for iron man movie.
17 June at 16:09 · Edited · Like
Iron Man
Motion (animation software)
The Simpsons Movie

Hamid Naveed English spoken in some Hollywood movies is very easy to understand while in others it is so difficult.Why? Right now i can’t think of any movie
17 June at 16:22 · Like
Apollo 13 (they use a lot of tecnhical language, which is hard to understand)
Taxi Driver (the director made a stylistic decision to make the dialogue natural and improvised and therefore less clear and harder to understand than other films)
Nacho Libre (a Jack Black comedy with simple English – the character is a Mexican monk who speaks pidgin English)
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (it’s difficult to understand because the characters mumble a lot – to create an atmosphere of mystery)

Rajesh Vt Master Luke , hi to the guest of our Pod , everyone likes comedy films so what are the all time best comedy films ? Who is his favourite comedian ?
Talledega Nights
Pineapple Express
Knocked Up
This is Forty
Step Brothers
Night at the Roxbury
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 2 – When Nature Calls
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Spinal Tap (A fake documentary about a British rock band)

Thu Hien Nguyen Great. i have missed questions when you made a podcast Rickipedia. Now i can add a question. What makes a film excellent?
17 June at 17:48 · Edited · Like
Ace Ventura
Harry Potter films

Kohei Okutani Hi! I’d like you to ask him about the Cannes Film Fes!! Of course, your opinion, too. Japanese movie’s awarded this year. So, any comments on that, anything. Or, tell us what the decisive factor of the differences between the Cannes and other movie festivals from your points of views!!
17 June at 16:44 via mobile · Edited · Like
Like Father Like Son (a Japanese movie, which won the Jury’s Award at Cannes this year)

José Luis Sánchez González Hi, Monster!!!Here you have my questions: Could you tell us a few titles of movies which could be easy to understand for improving our level of english listening??? Which do you think that could be the best way to watch movies for learning english: with original subtitles or with subtitles in our language??? Thanks
17 June at 16:57 · Like · 1
Nacho Libre (again)
Advice for using films to improve English:
Stage 1 – Watch the film in English with subtitles in your language (to just enjoy and fully understand the movie)
Stage 2 – Watch the film again in English but with English subtitles (you can identify and pick up specific words or pronunciation)
Stage 3 – Watch the film a 3rd time in English but with no subtitles (it’s important to listen without subtitles because it replicates natural listening experiences
“Never watch dubbed versions!”

Ken Yorioka Hi Luke, here’s a question frim different angle of “movie”. Since when do you think popcorn became a symbol food of movie theater and why?
What British food do you think would replace popcorn? Don’t say fish n chips!!
17 June at 17:12 via mobile · Like · 1
Crisps – Walkers Crisps (nut noisier than popcorn)

Rom Hein Thoughts about the latest Tarantino movie? Is Christian Bale a good actor to you (The Prestige, The machinist…)?
17 June at 17:25 via mobile · Like
Rom Hein Cheers
Django Unchained
Pulp Fiction
Jackie Brown
Kill Bill
Inglourious Basterds

Karim Mrouj Do you agree that ‘citizen Kane’ is the best film made in the 20th century ?
17 June at 17:25 · Like
Citizen Kane
Taxi Driver
Pulp fiction

Артем Косенко Are people in the UK (or the US) familiar with russian movies? Did you watch any of those? By the way, if you find my name difficult to pronounce it is Arty.
17 June at 17:26 · Like · 1
Nightwatch & Daywatch (Russian vampire films)
The Battleship Potemkin

Mariana Ramirez What do you think about stereotypes of French movies? I really love French movies but I must admit i couldn’t understand the plot of some movies. Why do directors and plots get so hard to understand? See this parody with the cliches of French movies http://youtu.be/ajop7imecgc
Entre Les Murs
La Haine

Agnieska – what is an underrated film in your opinion?
Ace Ventura Pet Detective 2 – When Nature Calls!
The Mask

Aritz Jauregi Hi Luke. From Pamplona, living now in London. Do you like the trilogy of Back to the Future? What do you think about it? Could you do a complete episode talking about that? Thank you!!!
17 June at 17:38 · Like
*Yes, I would love to do a full episode about Back To The Future because it is one of my all-time favourite movies.

Luke’s English Podcast We’ve finished recording now. Thank you for your questions! We answered almost all of them… I will answer others at a later time…
17 June at 19:19 · Like