178. I’m Still Here

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This episode is just a chance for me to say “hi” and to inform you that I’m still here and that normal podcasting will continue soon. In this episode I give you some news, and then you can listen to a conversation I had with my friend David. Enjoy!


  • Orion team

    Well, people the Orion team is pleased to tell you that this episode is finished.


    Though we need to fill some gaps which we are looking forward to see your suggestions.

  • Burgo

    Congratulation (getting married)! we’re waiting for the app! couldn’t find in (on?) Play store. Love you! )

  • WandersonSilva – Brazil

    I’d like to say thank you Luke, for your funny, understandable and awsome classes you have been made for all us. I had found out your web site since I was in London in 2012 to improve my English skills. But for a while I stopped my studies, but now I’m back.
    I also very please that you are ‘groom’. I hope the best for you.
    I also like to say for all my colegues from Luke’s English Podcast to make donations to it. And you can keep carry on listening this amazing classes.

  • And I still love your voice!