179. The Ramblings of an Exhausted Teacher

Last night I couldn’t sleep, and so today my mind has turned into jelly. Let me tell you all about it.

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In this episode I talk to you, in a rambling way, about diverse topics such as:
Dwayne’s English Podcast
Being kidnapped by aliens from Mars
Exam fatigue
Trouble sleeping last night
English at 7.30AM!
The rotten contents of my brain!
Selling Luke’s English Podcast
Saying “Hello” to you
Having a conversation with you
“The best laid plans of mice & men”
The university course I’ve been teaching
Sleep (high-energy bit)
What are you doing?
On a bus
Signalling to another person that you’re a LEPer (secret codes)
Giving a wink to a stranger
On a train
Trains and lifts in movies (Bruce Willis)
My brain is on its last legs

THANK YOU! (Transcripts, donations, reviews)
A special hello to the NSA secret agents
Hello to Yannick
Twitter – it’s what you make of it
Normally on Luke’s English Podcast
BBC meeting: Prioritising Luke’s English Podcast
This really is the end
Be nice to each other

Lovely to talk to you,


Thanks for listening ;)

  • it is nice and useful to know about the the content of your English lessons in France.I used to take an additional English class when I was in Leeds.My teacher told me, “Prasit ,you don’t have to come to this class.” But I kept attending the class. I wanted to know more. I think I understand your Canadian and American students in your English class.

  • Hi Luke!I am happy you are back again! :)

  • Anna

    Hi Luke! What I want to tell you is that besides enjoying your English (listening to the English language spoken is my favourite pastime,mostly LEP), so besides this I adore your sense of humour and the way you talk to us, your listeners. I wish I could attend your stand-up performance some day!

  • Luke!
    I’m out of any words…
    Really really happy to hear your voice, though it was a bit hysterical :)
    Hope you’ll recover soon.
    It’s no deal to hurt yourself by sleeplessness.
    Take your time, have a rest. We’ll be waiting as much as you need.

  • Hi Luke ! I hope the two-hundredth episode wiil be released yet in this year :) I suppose it’s going to be hard but no one else could manage it , only You :D Thanks for a brand new dose of humor !

  • Well, I guess I am the first one to listen to this episode, I was trying to do the transcript for A Phrasal Verb a Day #55 for the first time, that is way more difficult than I expected, really time-consuming, I don’t know if you could get any free time left if you do the transcript all by yourself, Luke. And suddenly an e-mail was just pushed to my Mac, wow! It’s the new episode of LEP! So I just clicked the link in the e-mail and listened it ASAP, yeah it’s a chaotic episode but still, very funny. Among all the podcasts in iTunes, LEP is the only one that I subscribed. You mentioned the University course you’ve been teaching, and I couldn’t stop laughing when you said you got 2 native speakers in your class, that sure is bizarre! Lol. And you mentioned how to tell if the one near you is also a LEPer, just wear the T-Shirt with the logo that your brother designed on it, that could be a better way than just wink at strangers, as a Chinese boy who doesn’t live in Beijing or Shanghai, the chance of encountering another LEPer is not that optimistic though;-) I can tell that you were under lots of pressure for the last couple of weeks, the good thing is that you finished your task! [Brofist] Can’t believe it’s already 1:30 AM in China and I’m still listening to LEP, better go to bed now. Take care & hope you can be energetic as usual in the further episode. Thanks a million for all the efforts you put in your podcast.

  • Andrzej

    I haven’t listened to the episode yet – it’s being downloaded now – but I’ve read through the list of expressions. “Selling Luke’s English Podcast” and “This really is the end” both sound pretty scary.

    • No need to worry

    • Yeah, the same story about “This really is the end” :)
      My fingers were trembling when I pressed the Play button.
      By the way this is due to us both :) :)
      (Sorry Luke :) )
      We’ve created that SIGN.
      Have you noticed, we transcribed the last episode simultaneously
      I usually do it on my Drive,
      so when I logged in in order to put the results into the file
      it was nearly done by you. Sorry, I read your message later.
      So I made a copy of my version of this episode.
      There are two “hack off”s on the Google Drive now.
      So we are made to work together :) :)