206. Summer in London (Part 2)

Hi and welcome back to this special episode of LEP in which you join me on a walk through central London. [Download]

Small Donate ButtonLet’s re-cap on what happened in part 1. (ooh the excitement)
– I recorded this last week when I was on holiday staying at a friend’s flat in Stockwell
– I needed to go into town to visit the doctor’s for a couple of immunisation injections before going on holiday to Indonesia
– I decided to take a nice walking route to the doctors, from Victoria Underground Station, in front of Buckingham Palace, past some Royal Guards and a guy selling skunk, past some ducks, joggers & tourists, across the mall and up towards Picadilly Circus.
– We ended part one with me walking up Haymarket, towards Picadilly Circus in order to get some lunch & coffee in Soho before heading towards Wimpole Street near Oxford Circus for my jabs.
– As I said on the previous episode, London is a very noisy city so I really apologise for any background noise which makes it hard for you to hear what I’m saying. I hope you it doesn’t stop you from enjoying this trip through central London on a hot summer day.

In this episode I’ll take you through some touristy areas, some cool spots, and we’ll also investigate some of the more seedy parts of central London that you might not notice as a tourist.

Let’s go!

Music: “Day on the Town” by Madness. Click here to download it on iTunes.

  • Ricardo

    Next time I go to London, I’ll try to remake your route listening this track

    • Caren

      So will !

      • Caren

        Sorry, it should’ve been: So will I!

  • Ricardo

    Hi Luke,
    Thanks for sharing your free time with us. It was a great episode and I could imagine I was walking through London.
    Don’t mind about the loudness it’s perfect to practice “real english” because we’ll probably find bad audios in English exams.

  • Caren

    Simply a wonderful Podcast, I’ll use it in class for my students, a pity I didn’t get to know it sooner, but not to worry, from now on I’ll be a regular listener, great fun, fantastic Entertainment, such a simple idea, but that’s it!

  • Aritz

    Hi Luke!

    Great episodes these two last! It’s true London in summer is a wonderfull city. You walked from Stockwell to Wigmore Street. Well, I live in Stockwel and I work in Wigmore Street! haha

    Talking about the Waterstones bookshop. One day I asked to some one of the staff how many books have they got there. She disn’t know it but she told me she though that’s one of the three biggest bookshop in the world! Or maybe even the biggest…


  • Mollie Tai

    This is a very special lesson of ” learning by doing ” . Never mind about the background noise. I felt like I was walking with you and saw the people and places. We went to Victoria Underground station and
    past some Royal Guards in front of Buckingham Palace. Then we walked across the mall and up towards Picadilly Circus. We ended
    Part 1 while walking up Haymarket . We got some lunch and coffee
    in Soho before heading towards Wimpole Street near Oxford Circus.In
    Part 2 we went through some tourist areas,some cool spots, and some other parts of central London.
    It was a trip of my life-time !!! And I hope it was not the last.