My Video Interview with Gabby Wallace from “Go Natural English”

Hi everyone,

I was recently interviewed by Gabby Wallace for a series of videos she is creating about podcasting and teaching English online. I thought you might like to see it. Gabby chose to interview me as I am a “super star online teacher” (oh thanks!) and she’s interested in finding out about how teachers like me manage to take their work online. I talk about how and why I first started doing Luke’s English Podcast and about some of the challenges faced by online teachers who want to take their work to the next level.

You may already know Gabby as one half of All Ears English. She’s now going it alone as an online teacher and has her own YouTube channel called Go Natural English.

Here’s the video :)


  • martha


  • Great interview! It’s also interesting to hear the differences between American and British accents.

    By the way, Luke, you look like a TV sports commentator :)×335.jpg

  • ismael

    We are very grateful to teacher luke, but i don’t agree that he would earn money or make it from his podcasts, because they are people which couldn’t afford to pay out even a penny.
    Obviously, you can donate some money to our teacher.

  • 1/ How did you start ESL podcasting /
    teaching English online ?
    2/ Where are the majority of your listeners
    based ?
    3/ What keeps you going ?
    4/ How do you get financial support for your podcasts ?
    5/ What does “success ” mean to you ?
    6/ What challenges do you face from this
    work ?

    Can you ask Teacher Gabby these questions for the next interview ?
    I am really anxious to know her answers !
    I am very captivated by this remarkable
    interview ! Looking forward to it !!!
    THANKS A LOT !!!

  • Andrzej

    Luke, let me, please, share with you a few of my thoughts that have been spawned in my head during watching this interview. In terms of money and turning the podcast into a moneymaker, you know, many of us will accept each way you’ll chose because what we get out of it is far more valuable than money. But I also have my doubts and they concern video materials. Without any doubt a video recording is better than an audio one. Can you imagine a video version of “On a boat” episode not to mention ‘The Pink Gorilla Story’? :D I can imagine that but I don’t believe it would be feasible. The proves are all around us. Video materials are either useless because of their quality or useless because they teach very little. Producing a really good video material takes up much, much more time and money than an audio one that is an equivalent to the video in terms of content and quality. Even the BBC Learning English, who have loads of money to spend on production I suppose prove the rule I mentioned earlier. Now, I can hear the audience screaming – ‘Yeah, Luke! Do it! Do not listen to him! We want more video! Video is cool! We’ll love you even more than we do it now!’ but if I could have my say I’d say – ‘No, Luke. Don’t do it unless you’re sure it won’t be a change for the worse’. I know you’re an outstanding person and I’d dearly love seeing ‘the video rule’ broken by you. Have a good day.

  • I think for Luke the time to earn some money has come )) 5 long years he`s been helping us giving away very valuable stuff for free and getting back far too little, so he needs to change this situation! Luke! Monetize your blog… Urgently! ))

  • Anonymous

    YEAH LEPPERS GO VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!