227. Sausages, Barcodes & Apple Watches

This is one of those episodes in which I set myself a 30 minute challenge. Can I talk for 30 minutes without pausing or repeating myself, and with absolutely nothing prepared in advance? Listen to the episode to find out. [Download]

Small Donate ButtonI’ve done this kind of episode before, for example on the Ice Cream Episode, in which I rambled on about whatever came into my head until eventually I ended up talking about how I wish everyone in the world could stop fighting and share some ice-cream instead (you may say I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one). That’s why I called it The Ice-Cream Episode.

This one is called “Sausages, Barcodes & Apple Watches” and you don’t have to be a genius to work out what came into my head while recording this episode. As well as these subjects I also touched upon the topics of: Evil cheese, a religion based on the hatred of pizza, and more…

Let me remind you again that this whole episode was recorded in a completely unplanned way, and my only conditions were that I had to just keep going without pausing, even when I had no idea what to say next, and that I wasn’t allowed to repeat myself at all. I came really close to failing this (admittedly pointless) task. In fact, maybe I did fail it. Ultimately, you the listener can decide if I failed or passed my mission.

The Missing Two Minutes of This Episode
About 2 minutes of this episode have been edited out because some members of my audience found the content to be offensive. Usually I don’t believe my episodes should be edited for causing offence, but in this case I’ve made an exception. If you’re wondering what I said, basically I expressed some scepticism regarding the fact that pork is banned in some religions. The last thing I want is to attract scorn from any religious groups. I don’t want to offend, and I don’t want to deal with the repercussions. So, in this instance I opted to edit out those 2 minutes.

What do you think? Did I fail this task? Does it really matter anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Hope you can read all these LONG LONG comments :D anyway I have something funny for you. This is Texan Muslim, his name is Yusuf Estes. He was Christian and music minister but then he became a Muslim. As Arabic Muslim person I can assure you that this man has a good amount of knowledge about Islam, some Muslims (by birth) don’t have the knowledge that he has about Islam! I really admire him and his story and I really would like to share with you some of his very important speeches. I’m positive you’ll enjoy watching him especially because he has a real sweet southern Texan accent :D ;)


    Have a good time.

    • Thanks for the vid!

      • Anonymous

        You know what? what’s really made me send this next one for you is that I heard one of your old episodes about accents, I think it was episode number 107. Messing Around With Accents and Voices, and in that episode -with one of colleagues in London school- you did some of southern American accent (which I really like it) then today when I heard this man (Yusuf Estes) and his real deep strong southern American accent I remembered you and grinned, I said to myself I’m sure Luke’s gonna like this video because he likes this accent :D

        What’s really interesting is that this old man in this video is a Scottish but I see that his accent sounds like southern American if I’m not wrong!


    • carlos

      It’s a pity you felt the need to censor yourself. Self-censorship is like lying to oneself. Besides, people need to learn to be offended and just get over it.

      • Yes I know. Since I did it I’ve kind of wondered if it was the right thing to do. You live and learn.

  • Mona

    Thank you Luke for your understanding and editing this episode.

  • Crazy episode!!!

    • Mona

      Hi Luke. This book you are talking about in this episode is Quran, it is of ALLAH not of our parents as you mentioned here. Take a good look at this link below before a sweeping judgement.

      • I’m not only talking about the Quran in the episode, I’m also talking about other books. Thank you for your information. I know you are passionate about your views, and I hope you realise I didn’t intend to cause offence in this episode. By the way, I studied Islam in college, and have read sections of the Quran.

      • Mona

        One of the most important characteristics of a good teacher is to show respect for other beliefs. You say in this podcast ” …..may be you’re born in an environment
        that you parents have come from a background in which you read a book which said to you don’t eat pig flesh because it goes against the rules of our religion….”
        It’s quite obvious you are talking about Islam here, because it’s the only religion that prohibits eating pork, at the same time you emphasises that the pork is delicious. With this behaviour you expresses your hatred of Islam. But sorry this is
        not the right place. Because people listen to your podcasts to improve their English not to hear stinging criticism of religion. On the other hand, If you studied Islam and know the answer why did you ask?

      • It’s not just Islam. In Judaism pork is also not allowed. Also, I’m not expressing hatred for any religions really. It’s not as strong as hatred. I really don’t hate any religions for not eating pork. Honestly, I don’t.
        In my quote I was saying that many people like pork, unless you come from a culture in which pork is not allowed. I understand the health risks related to eating pork, and yet I also must admit that it tastes good. I choose to eat it, but I don’t hate people who avoid it. In fact I find that sort of hatred to be terrible and ridiculous.

        I do admit that I was being flippant about religion – both Judaism and Islam. It wasn’t a stinging criticism though Mona. It was just supposed to be more light-hearted than that. I’m very sorry to have caused you more offence than expected.

        I do not want to upset you or make you angry Mona (even though that has already happened), so I am willing to admit that I was wrong and that I shouldn’t have talked in those terms in this episode.

      • Mona, i have decided to edit this episode and remove the offensive part.

      • Anonymous

        Mona, Luke, Wait a minute please.. First I want to clear that I’m Muslim (thank to God) and I don’t think that Luke offended Islam, he has an opinion and we should discuss it with him in a good way. I believe 100% that pork is prohibited. Some Muslims (unfortunately) don’t know how to deliver the massage of God (Allah) in a right polite way. I think it’s normal to hear of Luke that he loves bacon or pork, he’s not a Muslim and so we don’t have to be cruel to him and put our fingers against him, he’s a kind man who severed us and did a lot to learners of English and we should show a respect to him even if he has other kind of faith and even if we think it’s wrong as we believe. Anyway I don’t think Luke was bad in this point, he was clear and said his opinion and I don’t think he insulted Islam and he also gave us a space to clear the truth about this topic in Islam and this an opportunity to call Luke to read more and watch more about Islam. Hope you’ll check this video Luke.


        May God help us all,

      • Really sweet. Thank you so much. I will watch the video :)

      • Anonymous

        In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
        Click here to read this comment.

    • Amouna
  • carlos

    Luke you’d better keep enjoying your morning cup of tea followed by buttered french bread and pork rind while you can. Well, If you’re to believe what some religious folks do, then it’s bad news for pork eaters around the world. It’s definitely good news for the pigs though. One can declare that swines are neither kosher nor halal all day long. This is fine for our four-legged ham friends as long as we don’t try to slow roast them. They will keep not chewing the cud for as long as they live. They also will keep rolling in mud just to make sure they still are unclean.
    Apparently there will be no bacon in heaven. God may have made all things bright and beautiful, but the all mighty ain’t so keen on cloven hoofed beasts. Thus we should all become “porcophobics” Ok, this is a made up word that comes from porcophobia: fear of pigs.
    Now if you want to start a religion/cult where soggy brussels sprout are forbidden then I might join in. Well, maybe not because brussels sprout fried in pancetta is quite nice!

  • Anonymous

    Great Luke!
    I agree with you! Pig is the best animal in the world….Mmmmm chorizo, morcilla (black pudding), jam….