My Appearance on the Talk2Learn Chatcast

Today I was featured in a Skype conversation + podcast, known as a “Chatcast”. You can listen to it below, and take part in future chatcasts yourself in the future.

logo150There’s a growing community of LEPpers who are practising their English by talking together on Skype. There’s a thread in the forum in which listeners are exchanging Skype details and then practising their English by chatting together. Click here to visit that forum thread. Also, some listeners are now uploading their own podcasts in which they practice their English. Most of these podcasts are collated on a website called – run by Guillaume from Switzerland. Guillaume organises a ‘Chatcast’ every Sunday in which people chat on Skype about various topics. The conversation is then uploaded to as a downloadable podcast. Today I joined their 2nd chatcast and I joined a group with 4 other people to talk about cultural understanding and stereotypes. It was a very pleasant experience. You can listen to it by clicking the player above.

Anyone can take part in future chatcasts. It’s a very friendly group and a great way to improve your English. Just click this link to find out more.

Thanks for listening!

  • It was very interesting conversation.

    Firstly, I can tell you that even from close distance, the Israeli-Palestine conflict is not always clear to me. Like someone said, it kind of a “magic circle” of violence and killing. In my opinion, the peace can be achieved just if both sides will have a strong and brave leaderships.

    Secondly, Dennis from Bosnia-Herzegovina had mentioned Sarajevo and how it awsome that you can hear church bells and the muezzin in the same city. He also mentioned Jerusalem as a city that it could happen. So he is right. To be honest, I had recorded entry for Luke’s competition that I talk exactly about this experience, but at the end of the day, I didn’t send this record to the competition (I send another recoding).
    So here a link to my recording speaking about Jerusalem. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

    Thirdly, I hope I will found the time one day to join these conference conversations. But, unfortunately, nowadays I’m juggling between work and family all the time. But, I will add myself to the skype community, maybe I could talk with some of you every now and then.

    And finally, in slightly easier atmosphere… Dennis, did you watched the football match between our national team on Sunday?

    Thank you all…

  • Andrzej

    Incredible things have been happening recently around Luke’s English Podcast and this Skype community belongs to them. I dream to join the conversation one day in the future but first I have to get myself together and gather all the necessary stuff. For now though I only listened to the chat and I have to say that I was completely amazed by what it was like. Something real. A living thing. I’d definitely like to be a part of that. Congratulations Guillaume on the idea and putting it into practice.

    ps. (only for those who share a bizarre sense of humour) I’m not the one who is eligible to assess anybody for anything by any means but I must admit that one participant spoke pretty good, almost flawless, English that really impressed me. He was from France, living in Paris and his name was Luke. I’d like to ask you Luke a few question if you don’t mind. How did you manage to reach such a high level? How many years have you been learning English now? What are your techniques? And the final ones: Do you listen a lot to Luke’s English Podcast and find it useful?

    • Thank you so much Andrzej ;)
      Ah ah he’s a very good pupil ;)

  • Thank you Luke, it was really nice to have you and thank you for sharing about the Talk2Learn CHatcast on your website.

    I’d like to precise something because people seems to be confused.

    1. There is a Skype group dedicated to LEP fan and you can join the group by doing a copy/paste with the following link on your browser:


    You chat or talk with people whenever you want.

    2. Talk2Learn CHatcast happens weekly on Sunday and you have to be registered on this page: to take part to the next session.

    Check the embedded calendar for the time of the session and if it’s full or not.
    The maximum number of people per session is 10 !

    For example the next session is already full ;)

    The CHatcast conversations are recorded and published as a podcast so you can listen to your mistakes and improve but also enjoying this moment again.

    I hope my explanation helps you o understand that this is two different things.
    Thank you for your attention and have a nice day ;)

  • Elisa

    WoW, we did not drink SO much here in Finland, except when we are watching football from England :)
    That was nice to listen to and to be honest, Luke is amazing and hilarious!
    All of you guys are brave and nice people, that’s for sure!
    Is it really possible to improve your language skill like this or is it only a possibility to talk? Maybe you can discuss about this sometimes:)

    • Thanks Elisa ;)
      This an opportunity to practice and improve your English and general knowledge.
      You are welcome ;)

  • Alberto

    I missed it too. I didn’t remember the meeting and took a great nap that evening. The next time I will try to attend, although It is possible that Luke doesn’t stay with us. Bad luck!!!

  • Rafael

    Gosh! I can’t believe I missed it!