241. Star Wars

“Luke’s Film Club” continues with one of my all-time favourites: Star Wars! In this episode I’m going to ramble on about the Star Wars franchise, including the original trilogy (episodes 4-6), the prequel trilogy (episodes 1-3) and the upcoming new trilogy (episodes 7-9). If you’re a Star Wars fan, this one’s for you! If you don’t like Star Wars, I hope this episode will give you some idea of why people are so crazy about these movies. [Download]

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In this episode I talk about these things:
– The new Star Wars Episode VII Trailer
– A history of the Star Wars films
– An overview of the storyline for the original trilogy and prequel trilogy
– Some reasons why I like the original films so much
– Some sound effects from the films!

Here’s the Episode VII Teaser Trailer

Here are some must-see video reviews of the prequel trilogy by RedLetterMedia. For me, these explain (in a very funny way) exactly what is wrong about episodes 1-3. They’re genuinely brilliant reviews, which must have taken a long time to make.


  • Jane

    Hi Luke,

    I am listening to this episode! I am also a huge fan of Star Wars. Have you seen Rogue One?

  • Amber

    I love Sci Fi films in general. I actually liked the prequel trilogy, especially the sound effects and battles in space. I’m not really crazy about the Star Wars as the biggest fans are. Perhaps because I didn’t have anybody to explain the whole story to me like you did Luke, so I wasn’t much interested in getting into it by myself. The main reason is that it’s always been a “guy thing” and not “girly” at all, if you know what I mean. But I’ve always been willing to learn something new and cool (swot), so I can’t wait to watch that new movie and get to know it more.

  • My friend thinks I MUST watch Star Wars, he says ‘You’re not a real geek, if you haven’t seen it’. So, I’m only going to watch it =)

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god! you have done such an amazing episode! Star Wars! I cant explain how I enjoyed this podcast Master Thompson! Its beyond description. Today I realized why I have been a big fan of your podcast series. haha
    I hope you will make another episode of Star Wars, and I wonder if you improvise Yoda again (I remember you did it before, I think it was in a episode of The curse worm, that’s was really really nice act)

    and yes, it can be a bit rude to blow one’s nose in public in Japan, but I think it would be ok if you make an excuse before you do it. Daijyoubu-desu.

    Arigatou for your podcast series and Ganbatte!
    May the force be with you from Tokyo.

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant.
    I enjoyed it a lot.
    Generally speaking, I hold the same opinion as you. However, I think the the prequel trilogy is not so bad, but I must agree that the original trilogy is better by far. Jar jar binks character is indeed annoying and the scence of Juda fighting with the lightsaber is absoloutly ridiculous. Personally I remembered myself LOL at the cinema at (or on/in?) this scence.

    It make feel like I would to see the trilogy again. Last time I have seen it was like 10 years ago. But I think I’ll wait for your commentary episode…

    • Please watch the RedLetterMedia reviews on this page!
      I’m really glad you liked the episode. I hope to return to the subject again! :D

      • Yaron

        it will be the return of the Jedi :)

  • Actually Luke, you were blowing your nose on the podcast in the episode 78 about Christmas, which I’ve recently transcribed. :)

    • Handy coincidence!

    • I wounder how did you transcribed it?

      • Go to the transcription collaboration page and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see a video there by Piotr showing exactly how he does it.

      • Yes, I know, perhaps If I have spare time, I’ll join to this collaboration, I promise.

        But, I meant how did he transcribed you “blowing your nose”? is it Pwwwrrhhhh?


  • Pez

    “I´ve been waiting for your nose blowing, Obi-Wan”…Ha,Ha,Ha!!…

    Dear Luke, I thought you were the best english podcaster ever…NOW I KNOW YOU ARE MY LITTLE BROTHER!!…

    Star Wars. December 1977, I was 14 that year. I saw it at the Estornell theater in San Juan, Argentina and it might sound cheesy but my whole life changed that summer.
    Now I´m looking forward for Episode 7 and I really wish that Darth Maul would return holding that new crossguard saber they show in the trailer.

    May the Force be with you!!!

  • I don’t like that much of the film but, like your podcast … you really looks super fan of the movie ;)

  • Yaron

    Great… Can’t wait to listen to it. It was in my wishlist (in the discussion forum)
    Thank you, Luke.