375. The LEP Pub Quiz (with Alex Love)

Hello and welcome back to the podcast. In this episode I’m talking to my friend Alex Love. We started this conversation in the previous episode and here is part 2. In this conversation Alex is in Edinburgh in Scotland and I’m in Warwick in England. In the previous episode we talked about pub quizzes and how they’re a common part of pub culture in the UK, so in this episode I thought we would play a kind of pub quiz with each other. The only problem is that neither of us are in a pub, but that doesn’t matter – this is a podcast and you can use your imagination.

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The rules of the game are pretty simple. Alex and I have prepared 5 questions each and we take it in turns to ask each other the questions. A correct answer gains one point, an incorrect answer gains nothing. All my questions are related to the English language, and all Alex’s questions are random trick questions and much more difficult than my ones. I’m not hinting at who wins the quiz there. No, not at all. You’ll have to listen to the whole thing to find out who wins, but I should point out that Alex’s questions are not proper questions and they’re designed to make me fail, a bit like my Dad’s questions in our recent game show. But I’m not making excuses or giving away the result of the quiz. No, of course not.

As you listen I think you should try to answer the questions too. You might need to pause the recording in order to give yourself a bit of time. Alex and I both explain our thought processes while answering the questions, and you could do that too. Try pausing the recording when you hear the question and then talking out loud while you think about the answer. Then continue listening and you’ll hear Alex and me doing the same thing – talking about our thought process before giving our answer. You can compare the way you talked about your thoughts and the way we did it. That can be a good way of comparing the language you and we are using.

Either that, or just sit back, brew up a cup of tea, or continue travelling on the bus like a normal person, and just listen to the magic of another episode of this podcast, recorded, produced, edited and published by the very modest me.

Right, without any further ado, let’s start the LEP Pub Quiz.

Questions (Listen to the episode to get the answers)

  1. Where was the lawn-mower invented? (which town)
  2. What is the most common noun in the English language?
  3. Which creature has the largest eyes in the world?
  4. What is the word for when two words come together to create a new word? e.g. ‘spork’
  5. Which mammal can go longest without water?
  6. What is the shortest possible sentence in the English language.
  7. How long was the 100 years war?
  8. What is the only planet in the solar system not named after a god?
  9. Translate this from German into English – Ich habe keine Ahnung 
  10. Name the only two words in the English language that end in the suffix -gry.


  • I thought this was going to be a pub quiz, I mean questions like “What’s the propper glass for an Amber ale, or a Porter beer?”. or “How was IPA invented?” :/

    About the pronounciation, how do you pronounce nike? and how do you pronounce bike? ;) this can make the world burn between americans and british.

    • Catherine Bear

      Hola Christiano,

      Where are you? Are you okay? How have you been?

      It is a great Anecdote party going on here in the LEPland. You are missing a lot! ;) Check out the episode 387.



      • Where am I? I don’t get it, yes i am ok, i have been ok. i don’t think i’m missing anything lol. Hey Luke is this your new little helper replying all comments?

      • Just a dedicated commenter as far as I can see. Lots of chat on the website at the moment.

      • Is great to see lots of comments :), thx for your reply

      • Catherine Bear

        Dear Christian,

        Oh, sorry, I didn’t introduce myself.

        My name is Catherine Bear, I volunteer in Community Outreach at the LEP (this is my personal mission, not known to anybody until now :). As I didn’t see any comments from you recently, I get little worried and so I just contacted you. :)

        There are lots of volunteers in the LEPlandia. Want to join us? Maybe for some little transcription chunks?

        Have a lovely day whereever you are ;)

        Cat, the Hobbit

      • Oh well, now everything is clear, Hello Catherine, So nice you are a volunteer, I’m Chriss from Mexico, I’m a long therm listener since 2012. I have to confess I have been away from LEP but every episode I listen I comment :). Are you on our secret LEP skype group? if not add me, so I can add you (chriss.benitez)

      • Catherine Bear

        Hi Chriss (I know, Amber likes to pronounce it like this “Chrisssss”) :)

        A little note here: I am a sefl-proclaimed volunteer. There was no ad or something. Just practising my writing and encouraging people to do the same.

        There are at least two organised Skype groups of LEPsters, as far as I can see:
        1) On Saturdays (contact Ptholome)
        2) On Sundays (contact Guilliaume).

        Maybe guys you write here something about times and so. Don’t forget to indicate the time zones. Thanks! :)

        Take care, hasta la vista :)

      • I’m aware of all that, I’ve been friends with Ptholome and Guillaume more than 1 year and 6 months.

      • Catherine Bear

        Okay, fine. So, you have been busy then.

        Let me aks you one question: What episodes of Luke do you like the most? I ask this question all the time — for me to have an orientation, and in order to get to know the people a little bit. :)

        I also do comment on each episode I have listened to. I think being responsive is nice. I like the familiy & friends episodes, the jokes & anecdotes and the language-based ones (like different accents, special vocabulary, jokes belong here as well).

        Thanks and bye bye.

  • Wojtek

    There is a mistake in a sentence: “What is the only planet in the solar system not named after a planet?”