252. Marooned With My Music: James Thompson

Welcome to Luke’s English Podcast and this special series, called Marooned With My Music. My castaway today is my brother James Thompson. [Download]

Small Donate ButtonSince being born in the mid 1970s in the south of England, it’s hard to say really what James has been doing for the past 39 years of his existence on earth. Nevertheless, he is a man of taste, a man of music and a man of experience. In the 1990s he studied a combined degree in English and Design at a university in Cambridge, before becoming something of an expert in wine tasting, wine selling and indeed wine drinking. Quietly entrepreneurial, James set up a successful t-shirt company in the late 1990s and now works as a freelance designer and artist – with perhaps the pinnacle of his career so far being the logo he designed for Luke’s English Podcast. I’m joking of course – James has contributed design work for various companies and organisations over the years. As well as being an artist, a designer, a wine enjoyer, a t-shirt maker and skateboarder – James has always been a keen lover of music both as a drummer & producer and as a collector of vinyl records, and I imagine that having to choose 8 records to take to his desert island has been something of a challenge for him. Let’s find out…

James’ Choices
(James accidentally choose 9 songs instead of 8)
1. My Girl by Madness
2. Dennis and Louis by Happy Mondays
3. Hole In The Sky by Black Sabbath
4. So Watcha Want by Beastie Boys
5. Clap Your Hands by A Tribe Called Quest
6. Xtal by Aphex Twin
7. Saint Angel by Goldie
8. No Feelings by The Sex Pistols
9. Fisherman by The Congos

Book Choice: The Long Firm by Jake Arnott
Luxury Item: A skateboard (He wasn’t allowed to choose his girlfriend)

Travis live at Glastonbury 2000 – red T-Shirt by James Thompson

  • Was listening to this episode and noticed a weird, mysterious, ghost-like, sigh-ish sound at 39:41. Now I can’t help, but wonder: was it intentional, is it some kind of an Easter-egg or a weird post-production mistake? It doesn’t sound like James and he started talking right after that. But, it wasn’t Luke either, since he was saying “four” right at the moment :) Anyway, thanks for the podcasts. I’m a long time listener, but it’s my first time commenting here. Cheers!

    • It’s just James doing a combined sigh and “erm” sound.

      Welcome to the comment section by the way!!

      • Oh, now I see! :D Thank you for your reply.

  • Catherine Bear

    James interviewing Luke :)

    Luke, are you planning to make a Marooned with My Music: Luke Thompson episode with James interviewing you? Maybe during the Christmas Break. PLEASE! :)


  • Angie

    Hi, Luke finally I encourage to write in this podscast, I am venezuelan and really enjoy listening your work, I usually listening in my oficce while I work, so, Thanks a lot.

  • Pez

    Superb!…looking forward to Oliver´s episode!…

  • Amber

    Beastie Boys, Mondays, Ozzy, Pistols… – very good choices!
    And reading Bible – what a contrast! – I like it. :-)
    It’s always nice and fun to listen to James.
    (No fiddling and making noise in the background this time? Ah, well… ;-) )
    I was watching the news a lot recently and it’s still quite disturbing, crazy, sad, etc. to see what’s going on in the world lately, and also to hear different opinions from people around me, so this episode was a refreshment. Thanks!
    But Luke, there’s another member of your family – your future bride, right? It would be great to hear the two of you talking. Or perhaps she could interview you… I’m sure many of us would love it.

    Have a great day, week…!

  • ricardo


    I ve listened all trilogy of Marooned With My Music abd I’ve enjoyed it. Very interesting and relaxing.
    Your family is lovely!
    We are exactly the same generation! I was born in 1977. My mother did in 1949 and my father 1948.
    I am also living and working outside my orign country (I grown up in sao Paulo Brazil and I ve been living in Spain since 2000.

    Good recommendation from Yaron.


  • Yaron

    I’m listening the “Marooned with my music” series (I’m now in the middle of the last one). This is a great series… Anyhow, I think you should do another one which will be “Marooned with my music: Luke Thompson”. If you could find someone that will interview you, in my opinion, it will be very welcome by the PLEPs

    • Yaron

      I have finished listening until the end of the last episode and I have heard that your brother suggest it too… well, I think it a brilliant idea.

      BTW – your brother makes me fill like I would like to do relocation to New Zealand….

      • Catherine Bear

        Hi Yaron, hi Luke!

        I also love this series.

        Have there been a “Marooned With My Music: Luke Thompson” episode yet? James was suggesting that in the end of this episode; and it sounded like he would love to do it with you, Luke.

        Here are the other Candidates (from the Jacob’s cave :):

        — Paul Taylor.

        — Amber Minoque.

        — Sara Donnelly.

        — Richard Marx.

        Are there any other candidates to be LOST?

        What do you think? :)


  • Paul

    Good talk siblings bitween. But James has onather English accent, hasn’t? Tell us more, Luke!

    • Catherine Bear

      Paul, that’s right. James has got a slightly different accent of British English. As far as I can see, there are at least two explanations to this fact:

      1. Southern London influence.

      2. Kiwi influence.

      Or he just want to be little bit different then the RP environment where he grew up:

      Father went to Oxford to study English;
      Son went to Cambridge town to study English as well, but combined with some music and technology stuff (not the University of Cambridge).

      Father went straight to the BBC news;
      Son went to a wine tasting & selling shop.

      Father went to Birmingham;
      Son went to Wellington.

      James has always been looking for different ways of doing things. The same we can observe with his language. :)

  • James has an unbelievable talent in music , business, sport and art .
    He loves to pursuit different ways of creative thinking . He takes risks of doing and experiencing a wide range of interests . He can overcome
    obstacles and difficult challenges . Carry on !!! JAMES !