258. Award Win / Thank you! / Poem

This is a very short podcast episode because I don’t have much time, but I just wanted to say a very sincere THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the 2014 Macmillan Love English Awards. I’m proud to say that I won my category: Best Blog 2014 for the 4th year in a row! I am absolutely delighted, and as a way of expressing my delight I’ve decided to write a poem (extremely quickly – it’s no masterpiece!) I hope you enjoy it, and thank you again! [Download]

Small Donate ButtonPlease write your own poems in the comments section. Just have fun and try to make the words rhyme. You can write a poem about anything, and it can be as short or as long as you like. Thank you! (If you can’t think of a topic – try writing something about LEP or learning English).

My Epic Masterpiece of a Poem – POEM OF THANKS!
I won the award
It’s thanks to y’all
I hope you’re not bored
by me talking about the award
All in all
It’s great to have you on board
You’re all from abroad
And you felt inclined
To take the time
To go online
And vote in kind
for the podcast that’s mine
It makes me feel fine
Like the sun that shines
Thank you to you
For doing what you did
And I hope you consid(er)
You’re the real winner
Because by voting for me you bring more attention to the site, raising the profile of the podcast, broadening the audience, and ultimately helping me to keep doing this with confidence, which then feeds into the way in which I record episodes, and encourages me to continue doing this project which I started 5 and a half years ago and which continues to amaze me in terms of how popular it is, how useful it is to many listeners, and how I could possibly turn this whole venture into a career.

The rhyming broke down, but I did say that I hadn’t prepared it, right?
It’s hardly a masterpiece, but it doesn’t matter. It’s just for fun.

Here’s the rejected part of my poem
And voting for who
You felt was more true
“I listen to you
when sitting on the loo”
Is a sentence that you
might use to describe
a side of your life
that involves listening to me
while you do a pee
because, you see
your time is quality
I mean you can see
That you have to multi task

Here’s the video of Eminem talking about rhyming

Why don’t you try to write a poem in the comments section?
You could try to continue my one (can you think of something that rhymes with ‘multi task’?) or you could create your own poem.
Remember: Just try to have fun and make the words rhyme. No pressure to be the next Eminem!

  • Greetings from Italy I will take the IELTS
    Tomorrow morning with this clear in mind
    That if I succeed
    It’s all thank to thee!
    I play guitar, you’re a musician too
    To celebrate the exam, if I should pass, we could just play something cool.

    Thank you Luke, your podcast is awesome.
    I think we have many thing in common, and that’s why I really appreciat your podcast.

  • akao

    Hi Luke,
    the hyperlink [download] at the beginning of episode 258 is linked in a wrong way

  • Great poems, very talent PLEPs

    I’ve tried it a bit, but it is very difficult to me to rhyme in English… but at least, I came up with this short song:

    Most likely that my grammar is wrong
    But I feel like I got to write this song
    To thanks to the man who talk on and on
    [Perhaps, at one time, he ate a gramophone]
    However, he is very cool
    And he give us some English tools
    So we can learn English without going to a school
    At the bottom line, LEP is rules!

  • Sabine

    a rhyme on multitask or
    orange was what you’ve asked for
    but i’ve never been a poet –
    so that
    i quit te search before i start
    and rather give you, from my heart,
    some congrats for that great award :)

  • Konstantin

    Please give me, mister Thompson, your attention for a moment.
    I’m going to write a poem right here in this comment.
    It won’t be long, it won’t be smart.
    (I think I’d better finish now this intro-part.)

    I hope it’s not too late
    And I congratulate
    For getting the award
    (for you know what).

    I’m glad you won
    ‘Cos you’re the one
    Who helpes us to learn
    Asking nothing in return.
    I hope that you continue,
    I’m putting my trust in you.

    Be healthy and be happy!
    Yours truly, loyal LEPper.