356. News / Football / Brexit / Events in the UK / Jo Cox

Hello welcome to this LEP meeting. I’ve called this meeting in order to deal with some stuff that’s going on at the moment. On the agenda for today we have some news, some football updates including the England vs Wales game from yesterday, some more Brexit chat and then at the I’ll talk a bit about the incident that happened yesterday involving a British MP called Jo Cox, which is a pretty tragic story. That’s still developing and we don’t know the full facts yet. It just happened yesterday and by the time you listen to this it might have developed further. This episode/meeting is going to start quite light hearted and it’ll gradually get a bit more serious as it goes along.

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More new episodes are coming soon. As long as everything goes according to plan I’ll be uploading a conversation with Olly Richards and a tribute to Muhammad Ali. I expect I’ll record some other episodes over the coming week or two that are just about what’s going on in the football and with the UK’s EU referendum.

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Brexit / Euro 2016

Paris is full of football fans. Last night in Pigalle.


Violence has stopped I think. That’s good. No need to talk about that any more.

Brexit is less than a week away.

The Nigel Farage Flotilla Situation


Jo Cox


  • jul

    BONJOUR ; lol…

  • MEI

    Hi, I live near where you used to live in Japan! I make OBENTO for my family everyday while listening your podcast!!

  • Harith

    Hello Luke,

    I understand what you said when you said that there is some things in Islam is not “compatible with western culture or western democracy or western liberty” and I think that true “in case if you just want to say the true and you don’t want to insult Islam” because Islam is a religion and the western culture is a culture have good things and bad things. Islam is to pure and control the life and the soul and the body. In the western culture there is no control “Almost there is no” and I think here is the main issue for some westerners with Islam.

    But let me judge what happened to Jo Cox by the western culture, so where is the democracy or the liberty here?! Why the media kept silent and there is no loud voice?! because the suspect isn’t Muslim?! Just think what we will read and hear if he was a Muslim and Jo Cox was against Islam! Some in the western blabbing a lot about “extremes and Muslims extremes” just when the suspect is Muslim or if that talk is against Islam! But in Jo Cox’s case you don’t hear anything of that.

  • Piotrek

    Luke is like chocolate digestive biscuits. He is English, but he is good :D

  • I loved this episode Luke. My favourite bit was your rant on what will happen if you guys decide to leave Europe. Hilarious.
    Jo Cox death will tip the scales towards staying I hope. High price to pay indeed.

  • Yaron

    The story about Jo Cox is very sad as well as the shooting in Orlando. Although, it was more serious podcast than usual, there were something very genuine in you being emotional. I think it is OK sometime to discuss on more serious stuff in the podcast…. (although, I like the fun parts very much)

    In my opinion, nothing justify such violence. In both cases, these are cases were there is no tolerance to people with different opinions / ways of life.

    Live and let live – this is the key for having peaceful life in this planet.
    I think that generally speaking, a lot of countries (especially in Europe) have learned this painful lesson in WWII… but in the middle east the lesson hasn’t been learned yet. I hope that we will not need to experience some sort of WWIII in the middle east in order to learn this lesson….

  • Sergey Morozov

    Hi Luke! Thank you for your job! In my opinion you produce great and useful stuff. It helps to learn English and understand native pronunciation. It is pleasure fot me to listen your podcast! I wish you all the best!

  • Cara Leopold

    Hi Luke. Have been listening to you while cooking-I find that’s a good way for me to fit in the podcast and get through a few episodes! With regard to this particular one, I was deeply shocked by what happened to Jo Cox and I felt myself getting emotional too as you spoke about it. I had thought this whole EU referendum was just a bit of silly posturing by the right-wing of the Conservative party. I never thought it would take such a grim turn. Anyway, on a lighter note, it also took me many months to get my Carte Vitale when I first arrived in France – I don’t think anyone gets one in less than 6 months! And on the issue of birth certificates, I’m allowing myself a quick plug for point number 6 in this list: eltinfrance.com/2015/12/31/8-things-i-still-dont-get-after-8-years-in-france/