398. US Election Result Ramble + Message + Song

In this episode I want to talk about two things: My first impressions of the US Presidential election result, and then some things I said in the last episode of this podcast. I just want to clear up some comments I made last time. I just want to get straight into it. So here we go.


It’s a mad mad mad mad world!

Everything will be alright, in the end. And if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

(I have to thank Mark Kermode for that one)

Bloody hell! Donald Trump got elected!

Oh my god, can you believe it? You’d better believe it because it’s true. More on that in a minute.

I just want to record this episode and get it out there to you quickly without spending time on pre-production and all that stuff so it might be a bit rambly and a bit sketchy.

The main reason I’m recording this is that I have a couple of things I want to get off my chest in response to the previous episode of this podcast. Just some things on my mind that I want to communicate to you, and that’s the main reason I’m recording this quickly now on Tuesday 9 November.

But also, of course the big news of the day is the US presidential election – and that’s what’s going on, certainly in my world – probably in your world too – it’s all about the election because the result came in just a few hours ago that Trump has been elected president.

Let me say that again – Donald Trump is the 45th President of the USA.

So, I have got to talk about that a bit at the top of the episode here.

I hope you don’t press stop ❤️

Please do stick around for the whole episode. I do hope you listen to it all because I have some sincere things to say to you. Yes, don’t press stop! Please do listen! Please feel completely welcome at all times while listening to this! I hope you don’t press stop! In the last episode I know that I said some dismissive and glib things like “you can stop listening if you don’t like it” – sorry, I hope you didn’t feel that was dismissive and unfriendly sounding. I was just feeling a bit… ‘hangry’ or frustrated. Of course I always want you to listen and I am extremely happy when people do listen. I’ll talk more about that stuff later. I’ve got some things to say to you my audience – so I hope you do stick around for that.

But first – Donald Trump

Yes, the joke going round is that the UK is no longer the most stupid nation on earth. After Brexit we had the title for about 5 months and now it’s gone back to the USA, back to normal. Back to that good old feeling that we had when they elected George Bush twice in a row. Ah… That is the joke that people are making…

Except this time it seems worse somehow – at least it seems more shocking, I don’t know – what do you think? Are you shocked, glad? A lot of feelings will be flying around today I expect, especially if you care about this subject at all.

That Brexit feeling is back again.

It’s a strange feeling.

A huge event has happened. It’s a historic moment.

What a year it has been.

I’ve tried to capture how it feels.

How did Trump win?

An interesting article from TheWeek.co.uk: www.theweek.co.uk/theweekday/story/78497


  • Bella

    Hi Luke, greetings from Russia!
    Thanks for the tips on talking about politics.
    The song is great, you’re an amazing singer, you could become popular like Passenger and Hozier =)
    Much love.

  • Catherine Bear

    Hi Luke, hi Lepsters,

    What do you think of the Inauguration Speech of the 45th President?


  • Ptholome

    Hi people. Months ago I wrote that it would be great if we could finish these episodes before trump will be the 45th President of the US. So there it is.


    Enjoy like we did doing it.

    The Orion team

  • Ptholome

    Hi LEPsters, Here is the 398 episode to start the transcription.


    The Orion team.

  • ptholome / Antonio

    The proof that as a crowd people are stupid and easy to fool.

    • Catherine Bear

      Dear Antonio, we as humans are social creatures. In a crowd we are very much prone to social pressure. There are some interesting examples and explanations to this phenomenon on the “Social Psychology” course on Coursera (it’s one of my favourites — also Olga was speaking about it as far as I remember). You should check it out one day. ;)
      Here is a link:

  • Inga

    Hello Luke! I want to thank you very much for all your efforts in making
    of your podcast. I really appreciate it and enjoy your project through
    the years. I wish you all the best and I hope for new exciting episodes
    in the nearest future. Cheer up!:)

  • Nick

    BREAKING: Hillary Clinton files for divorce in New York courts :O

    • SergeyA

      It’s a hoax.

      • Nick

        Yep, you’re right. Misleading news.

  • SergeyA

    That’s interesting..Brexit is now couldn’t be done without a parliamentary vote.Gina Miller saved the EU!

  • Sergei
    • Kate Lo

      Yes, this was really Disgusting and Dirty company against Donald Trump. And it is still being continued. Real shame for Democrats and their followers. ‘If you are in a hole, stop digging.’ But Democrats forgot this wise American proverb. That is why they are in a deep hole today.
      I just do not understand some people, who are so Disappointed by the election results. Do they really want to have present, which considers millions of the USA citizens as ‘White Trash’?
      I agree with the man on the video below. This year election result is a symptom: American people crave for changes. They do not want to bring ‘Democracy’ to other distant countries, they even do not know where those are located. But they want to live in piece and in affluence in their native country. I think they tiered to hear about aggressive and dangerous Russia, about problems in different parts of the world. And they do not want to see their country as a World Gendarme, which should introduce proper order on the whole planet. But they need order, respect and well-being in their own country.

      • Sergei

        This election was like a litmus paper to reveal those who had been paid by neocons… Now we know all that whores…politicans, hollywood stars… But I feel sorry for the naive, stupid and gullible young people protesting in the streets…Why are they so scared of Trump?

        All in all, “Vox populi, vox dei.”

    • ptholome / Antonio

      This link only shows the hatre Trump supporters have against others. No good feelings but egoistic ones. I don’t think Trump is Mussoliny, The Italian fascist was much more intelligent. Trump and his staff are only opportunist and liars.

  • yutamatsumoto

    I feel you. It was really a nightmare for all of us and compelling danger for the humanity.
    But here’s something I would like to share with you all. I’m now thankful that Trump won. Do wanna know why? Here’s what Prince Ea has to say