A rambling conversation with Amber about Christmas and more!

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Introduction + Transcript

It’s the festive time of year again. Christmas is just about a week away. Obviously, this is an important time in the UK and in many other places, so here is the annual LEP Christmas episode.

I’ve got a lovely fire going here. It’s all warm and cosy. The conditions are perfect.

It’s a now a bit of a tradition on this podcast to do an episode devoted to the subject of Christmas every year, so that’s what you’re going to get in this episode. It’s going to be a massive Christmas-themed rambling chat with the one and only Amber Minogue!

We’re going to talk about many things, including our plans for this year, the things we usually do at Christmas, our memories of childhood and growing up, spending christmas with kids and whether you should tell children the truth about Father Christmas, how it feels to work on Christmas Day, weird Christmas routines in my family, the rules of stupid games we play at Christmas, dodgy dad-jokes and Christmas crackers and plenty of other tangents and stories.

I wonder what you’re doing at this time of year? How do you usually spend the Christmas period? Is it an important time of year in your country, in your family or for you as an individual?

It would be interesting to compare your version of Christmas wherever you are in the world, with the sort of Christmas that we have. So, while you listen to us rambling on in this episode, think about the similarities or differences between your Christmases and our Christmases, and perhaps leave a comment on the page for this episode so you can share how it is for you.

This is quite a long episode, but do listen all the way until the end because I have some other little announcements and things to say, which I will tell you after this mega chat with Amber is finished.

There’s no need for me to say anything more as an introduction. So, without any further ado, here is my super-festive Christmas MEGA-rambling CHAT with Amber Minogue.


Christmas Cracker Jokes

What do you call a cake that sits in a cupboard watching all the other cakes?
A mince spy. (a mince pie / spy – ha ha)

What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?
A Christmas Quacker! (a Christmas cracker / quacker – ha ha)

How did Scrooge win the football game?
The ghost of Christmas passed! (the ghost of Christmas past / to ‘pass’ a ball in football)


So, that was Amber and me talking about our versions of Christmas.

What do you think?
What are the differences to the ways you spend Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Some other announcements and admin, etc

I think I will be uploading one more episode before the Christmas holiday arrives, so I might wish you a proper Merry Christmas then, but if I don’t get the chance to do that, then MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope you manage to get your shopping done, your gifts wrapped and all your food prepared.

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There will probably be another episode up before Christmas, so I’ll speak to you again in that one.

But for now – BYE!


  • Nick

    Now I’m listening to music by Idris Elba. Cool music indeed…

  • guest

    Hi Luke
    I think that it is a bit sad that for so many people nowadays – Christmas is only about buying stuff, drinking, eating and meeting relatives and it is not about celebrating and thinking about Jesus, his life and what He had been trying to teach us. It is like celebrating somebody’s birthday but not inviting this person to the party. Is it a bit strange?
    Anyway – Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • Catherine Bear

    Nice overview about Christmas in the UK and how the Thompsons celebrate it.

    Rick Thompson turns his house into a magical place:
    — loads of presents for his lovely wife (loads and loads of them) and the kids
    — little choko thingies hidden all over the place (Luky and Jimmy racing each other — who gets first the first three peaces?!) — I bet it will be Luke “who was born lucky” (quote Rick Thompson) — well, this time maybe his wife wins who loves all sorts of competition — good luck in potato fencing! :)
    — rivers of processo and bier
    — tons of food
    — all sorts of games and competition, competition, competition, like the Chrstmas Olympic Games. So, let the Games begin, and may the Force be ever in your favour, Luke!

    Please do the recording of your Name Game, Luke. Please! It sounds lik great fun! :)


  • Wait, there is no Santa Claus D: :O ?

    I think telling lies to childrens and taking advantage of their innocence is not good (i’m talking about telling them about Santa). We should teach them the spirit of holidays and the meaning :).

    Here on Mexico we do like french, the 24th at night we have the big dinner, moms force us to go to church xD and at 12:00 we open gifts. Then 25th you eat leftovers till 30th :P

    We ate turkey at 24th dinner then next day in late brunch we have “tamales” :).

    What about happy x-mas war is over? do you like this song or is it to sad?

    • I like the song but one thing that gets on my nerves a bit is Yoko’s shrill voice in the background. I’m not a Yoko hater or anything, but her voice isn’t that great to my ears and it spoils the song a bit. Also, I think the song is a little bit dark, although the message is important – War is over if you want it. I think that’s worth repeating.
      But for some reason Paul’s song just gets stuck in my head all the time and I do love the weirdness of the synth sounds and the interesting rhythm and melody, even though the lyrics are really quite dumb.

      • Yeah me too, I’m not a Yoko hater but I don’t like her at all xD. Paul’s song is so nice!

    • Ptholome

      Mom force us to do everything which they think is required like to eat, to go to the school, to be educated and great person. Which is their responsibility. Later as an adult you must take your own decisions.
      I don’t think is a lie but a tale. they are going to enjoy magic moments they are never forget. We do what we think is the best and telling them these tales is not going to hurt them. When you will have your own children you could tell them that everything is a lie. that the whole society is lying but you are not going to control when the child is going to believe who say the truth even if you say the truth. You know, one day you are going to tell them about Santa Claus or “les Rois mages” and they will tell you, Dad is you not them who buy the toys. they don’t exist. they are not going to tell you: Dad you are a liard… They are only children and their world is not as hard as our world.

      You know, I thought the same before I was a father but when I had my daughter I decided to play the game. And it is very funny. And my daughter don’t believe in any god but she is a great human being. And she had great memories from these days.
      But it is up to you to educate your child as you want but what are you doing if your future wife decide to tell to her child what you think is a lie?

      You know, to go to the church at midnight is not bad even if I don’t go there. But I consider that it is better to go to the church than to go to a bar to get drunk as many young people do after their family dinner.

      • You are right Ptholome, that was just a thought that came to my mind. I hope you are going well, Cheers and Merry christmas

      • Ptholome

        I’m pretty well and enjoying these days in Northern Ireland with my daughter and grandchildren.

        Merry Christmas, Chriss