[Website content] Luke’s Criminal Past (ZEP Episode 185)

Learn some crime-related idioms and find out some things about Luke’s back-story that may or may not be true. This is an episode of Zdenek’s English Podcast, originally posted by Zdenek on 4 August. Download available below.


On 30 July I dropped in on the LEP meetup in London and spent an hour or two chatting to Zdenek Lukas, the English teacher from Czech Republic who is also the man behind Zdenek’s English Podcast.

Zdenek almost always has his voice recorder with him, and this was no exception. We ended up recording an episode of his podcast standing outside the pub together.

If you follow Zdenek’s podcast, you might have already heard it. In any case, I’m presenting it to you here as some extra website content that you might enjoy.

Crime Idioms

In this episode, Zdenek had prepared some crime-related idioms and decided to try and simulate some exchanges with me in order to use the idioms and present them to you. Can you notice the idioms? Do you know what they mean, and how to use them?

By the way, most of the time I was exaggerating, making up stories or playing along with Zdenek’s examples. I’m not really a murderer!

Thanks for listening. Watch out for more website content coming soon.


  • ProstoPeter

    The speaking with so loud background noises is much more difficult for understanding. And it is not a problem! Contrariwise, it helps us to be able to understand a language in real conditions!

    • Cat

      Yes, after a while it gets easier and easier and easier. :)

  • Not only is this a good gig, it’s also a great game. It sounds like it is a combination of everything — a masterpiece of exquisite artistry. The line between fact and fiction gets blurrier and blurrier through rich and hearty ventures. Ideas like these are one in a million. Thumbs up!!!

  • Hi Cat,

    I am glad you enjoyed this episode. It was definitely a great experience for me to work in the UK and, as always, meeting Luke and other people I recorded my episodes with was the cherry on top.

    Thank you for your continuous support. I really appreciate it.

  • ProstoPeter

    For listening podcasts on my Android smartphone, I use one quite popular app that called Podcast Addict. I like this episode with Zdenek, and tried to find his podcast in this app, and I can’t. There are only several quite old episodes.
    Zdenek, if you read it, could you please revise the accessibility of your podcast in different podcast services and apps. I want to be not only a LEPster, but a ZEPster too.

    • It should be accessible through I-tunes. There is a little problem I have, though. In the past, I uploaded my podcast on I-tunes twice so you will probably find 2 versions there. One is an outdated one with old episodes (I think it has a yellow logo or something) and the other one is the one you are looking for. I asked I-tunes support to remove the old one several times, but they never really replied to me. I think I-tunes cooperates with these podcasting apps so you should be able to find it on any of them. I use Podcast Republic and you can just search Zdenek’s English Podcast and find it easily. I am actually subscribed to my own podcast, which is a bit weird I know :) anyway let me know if you still can’t find, I will try to help. also feel free to join the podcast Facebook group.

      • ProstoPeter

        I have found how to add you in my list) I should have checked the box “use i-tunes search”, that I haven’t noticed previously.

      • Cat

        You see, it’s easy, Peter. :)

      • ProstoPeter

        It is easy to listen, but it is hard to write here. Every post takes several minutes of my time!